Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Does this feel like graduation? It totally does. Will you sign my yearbook?

Oh, you guys. You guys, you guys, you guys. Let me just look at you for a minute. You look really good. Did you change your hair?

It just seems like, oh, 3 weeks ago that I decided to celebrate my 300th post by blogging everyday for the rest of May, and now here we are. We've shared so much together, haven't we? I don't know about you, but I really feel like these few weeks have been a turning point in our relationship. Do you feel that? I do.

You complete me.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to link back to some of my most memorable posts from the ol' archives. Seeing as how I've never been organized enough to make them easily searchable, you may have missed a few.

1. Read the epic tale of a major passport mishap/parenting fail. There's planes! Trains! Tears! The US Consulate! Parts One and Two, in which I sweated, cursed under my breath, and tried not to pee my pants.

2. I'm not sure if he meant to, but Stephen Fry made me cry. Sometimes you miss things from home without even knowing you miss them. Ya know?

3. I made Grace wear a maxi pad. I like to think it's an example of my ingenuity.

4. This one time, my friend and her little boy thought it'd be fun to bring their baby Bluetongued Lizard for a visit. I guess the lizard really liked my house. And boy, can those things disappear quickly! I was not amused. Read Parts One and Two, and how the day was saved.

5. Our Grace is born! I'm sure she was already plotting her eventual coup at this stage.

6. My sister calls me to tell me she's been diagnosed with breast cancer.

7. Jason has to get all Jack Bauer when I made him split his toe open. I am the best wife ever.

8. I consider living in a vat of hand sanitizer when we all get conjunctivitis. I also talk about boobs, though--so everybody wins!

9. I lose a bet with my dad. I have to cluck like a chicken. That's really all I can say, except that it's so lovely to have supportive parents.

10. My name is Amy, and I wink/accidentally flirt with strangers.

11. A little story about what a stabby mess I was when we were getting ready to move here. It has rainbows! And ponies! (But not really ponies.)

So there you have it. That should keep you busy for awhile. For real though, thanks for reading! I love talking to y'all, thanks for indulging me.

Back soon!



  1. Oh Amy, what a delicious treat to read these special posts again! Is at here at the kitchen counter all teary eyed. And enjoyed them all over again. Such warmth and humor! Ihave loved your daily posts this month and hate the fact that the month is over. How 'bout going through June? Reading your blog is like a visit with you. Love and kisses to you, darlin' .

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  3. Wah! I don't want it to be over!!! I know we sat we'll stay in touch over the summer, but we'll get too busy with our neighborhood friends. Then, on the first day of school, we'll see each other in the hall, and maybe we'll
    admire each other's prairie skirt, but everything will be different and we will both feel it.

  4. I'm sorry that May is over; I've enjoyed your daily posting!!

  5. A big, huge, large, giant, ginormous (um I ran out of adjectives) CONGRATS to you!!!

    Loved it. Sad to see it end.