Saturday, May 21, 2011

Budding Philanthropist

The other day, Jason was driving somewhere with Ava and Nate in the car. Somehow, the conversation turned to helping others, and the children that we sponsor through Compassion International. Jason told me later that he told the kids about what it means to sponsor a child, about how there are many children in the world who desperately need it.

(He's relaying this to me tonight, and I'm thinking, "Wow, he goes deep with the kids." I just usually let them play games on my phone, or I say, "Hey! Let's all play the Quiet Game!")

Then, Jase told me he mentioned how it would be great if we could sponsor more children, and that maybe the kids could chip in some of their allowance.

"Yeah, that's a good idea!" Ava replied. Nate wasn't so sure. Jason talked some more about how sometimes it's hard to give to a need when it isn't right in front of you, or you don't know the person, etc.

Nate listens to all this, and goes, "No that's not it. I just wanna get a Nintendo DS."

Oh. Okay, then. At least he's honest, right?


  1. Quiet game? You too?! I play it with my husband too though. Sometimes, I just can't listen to "that golf club's a beauty," ya know?

  2. Wgat a howler! I love that kid!

  3. Yeah--and the thing about the quiet game is that they really love it. Everybody wins!

    Ganeida--I know--he really is hilarious. He even randomly brought it back up tonight while we drove home from church. Apparently the lesson at Kids Church was on helping others. He goes, "Dad, I really do want to help people, but I think I want a DS first." Seriously--he just said that, we hadn't even brought it up! We were in the front seat trying not to laugh, and we reassured him that it was okay to feel that way, that we know he has a good heart. LOL He'll get there one day!

  4. Just get the boy a Nintendo DS and then watch as his compassion for the less fortunate flows forth. But get the DS first. Duh!

  5. Good idea! The DS is the gateway, I'm sure.