Thursday, May 26, 2011

As if you needed more convincing that I am a freak

Tonight when I got home I watched a little of the Oprah show finale. Actually, I guess it's the second to last show? The last last one is tomorrow night. I haven't watched Oprah consistently in years, really. But for a lot of years, it was a mainstay of my week. ("You get a car! You get a car! You! You!") I'm not as big an Oprah-ite as a lot of people, but some of her truisms still come to mind for me. "You teach people how to treat you" is one of the big ones.

Anyway, while watching tonight I remembered again how vaguely uncomfortable I get while watching "live" TV. Are you like this at all? It just feels too uncertain, and I worry that someone will make a mistake or say something they shouldn't or that someone will embarrass themselves. This year, I tried to watch the Academy Awards but I had to change the channel cause I felt so sorry for Anne Hathaway. She was trying so hard! And I just was worried that it was falling flat.

I have a hard time watching talk shows where viewers call in, too. I would get so embarrassed for people sometimes. Why? I have no idea, but I'd beg to change the channel. There's a popular drive time radio show here where the hosts sometimes prank call random people. They're not nasty about it or anything, but I always have to switch the station when they do it. Also, those candid camera type prank shows. Oh gosh, those are agony to watch for me. I can't stand watching someone being pranked--I literally have left the room before, it's painful to me. Not because I don't see the humor in it. I think it's that someone is being made to be vulnerable, or exposed in a way, and I feel like I should look away--just as much as if they'd ripped the seat of their pants.

Tonight I was sort of laughing to myself though, cause why would watching the Oprah finale make me nervous? All those people up there have been on camera most of their lives. There is an army of staff and professionals who have planned that show, literally to the second. I probably don't need to worry about how they're gonna do.

But I still did. A bit.

I need to chill out a little, don't I?


  1. I get really uncomfortable with pranks or practical jokes also. I don't really participate in April Fools Day for that reason. Is that strange?

    How is the Oprah finale? I haven't tuned in. I heard someone call it the Oprah Worship Service-- hehe!

  2. I just wanted to comment and say, that I feel EXACTLY the same way about watching those "candid camera" shows and other shows where people don't realize they are being tricked. It's just not comfortable to watch. I dislike April Fools Day, too! I love that you wrote this!

  3. Amy I think it's because your empathy levels are way too high:) btw, yes some of the pranks etc make me uncomfortable but probably not oprah , definitely not oprah, she is quite experienced in what she does and as you pointed out lots of people have worked behind the scenes to make sure it goes smoothly, so nah, I wouldn't worry about her:)

  4. I don't think this is "freak". It's really just very kind and caring - you just don't want anybody to make a total ass of themselves. And I feel the same way about those candid camera shows. Jimmy, actually, was an actor on this show called the Jamie Kennedy Project, and he had to trick people. It kind of freaked him out.

  5. i cringe! i usually switch the channel very quickly, but one morning, not long ago, i was totally entranced by a prank call on the radio. maybe because it wasn't one of those vicious "hello, i am your husband's mistress" kind of things. i really dislike those. it was about some broken appliance. it made me laugh for a few minutes but when the person on the receiving end started getting irate, i had to switch.

  6. I am so with you on this one, I hate things that make me cringe, whether it's TV or radio, I can't bear it.
    I couldn't watch Oprah's giveaway shows, too much screaming & weeping, but usually liked to watch her if I was home during the day.

  7. I think most "easygoing" people would care less... ;)

  8. Well, you guys! It's nice to know I'm not alone! (Britt, hi and thanks for commenting!)

    Gretchen! I totally remember that show, not that I could watch all of it. :) Now I wish I had so that I could remember Jimmy.

    And yes, sometimes my empathy (or whatever it is!) gets out of control.

    Cassie, I haven't really watched much of it actually, but yes it IS a bit like a church service. An apt description! :)

  9. I also have this issue with the candid camera type shows. I have a hard time watching any Michael Moore films because I'm thinking, "Oh good grief, please don't make this uncomfortable!" I could never watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, either, for the uncomfortable factor. I used to call it "A Lot Of Yelling." I just don't like shows, reality or not, that have really long, extended, uncomfortable periods.