Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Revelations during Zumba

Realizations I had during my Zumba class last night:

1. "Livin' La Vida Loca" is rich with texture and meaning.

2. When I stop shaking, certain parts keep shaking. What does it all mean?

3. When the instructor smiles, it's not only because she loves exercise and has a zest for life. I think she might be laughing at me. The actual laughter when I'm on the front row is what clued me in.

4. Shimmy fatigue is a real problem, and must be addressed.

5. I should've listened better about strengthening my pelvic floor muscles. Or drank less water before class.

6. Lasagna was not a wise pre-Zumba dinner option.

7. I can keep up with the steps and the beat, or I can pump my fist in the right places and shout "Yeah!" like the instructor. Do not attempt to do both at the same time. My brain/body cannot perform all those functions at once.

Do you zumba? It's the dance sensation that is sweeping the nation, you know. Actually, it's really fun. Our teacher keeps the lights off and has little colored disco lights flashing. That way,you can sort of imagine no one sees you shaking it like a polaroid. It's really better this way. Thankfully, all the other attendees are moms from the kids' school as well, so we are probably all rhythmically challenged and trying not to wet ourselves during the jumpy bits. (Sorry, dude readers. I went there.)

Anyway, I taught Grace some of the moves this morning. You know the one where you hold your elbows out to the side with your fists right in front of you? And you kind of beat the air with your fists? I believe the youngsters call it crumping? Or krumping? Here's a young lady I found on Flickr demonstrating. Her technique looks similar to mine, unfortunately. (I don't know what she's wearing, so let's focus on the moves.)
(Hey look--she's wearing Uggs!) Anyway, I was doing my moves for Grace this morning and she started joining in. She was pretty good, actually. I think it helps that she's like 2 feet tall and can get her bottom closer to the floor than I can. I think she's already better than me.

Not that this is a difficult achievement. Your grandma is better than me. And yet, I will continue to shake what my mama gave me. Isn't that all that any of us can do, in this crazy world?


  1. I tried Zumba for the first time a few weeks ago when my dear girlfriend, Kristyn, convinced me that it was the easiest and funnest (is that a real word?) form of exercise I could get. I have now decided that she is a big liar and I may never believe anything she says again.

    A kindly older woman asked halfway through the class if anything was wrong. Like, maybe she thought I was have a seizure or something? I, like you, can only do one thing at one. If you expect me to do the grapevine, you can believe there will be no hand motions or fist pumping along with it.

    Sure, I'll shake what my mama gave me. But, I've discovered that it's not much.

  2. Ha! I love it! I tried Zumba once, and even amidst having no rhythm, still jiggling when I stopped moving, and being pretty sure the instructor was laughing at me too, I really liked it. I would have gone back, but I had to quit the gym that had it because they were burning more money out of my wallet than I was burning calories. But good on ya for keeping it up!

  3. I laughed through this. Though probably not as hard as your zumba teacher.

    Any chance she was laughing with you?

    You and Grace krumping! Is that really what it's called?!?

  4. Liz, that is hysterical! "Easy" is not a word I'd use to describe it, that's for sure! Veronica, I try to tell myself that as long as I'm moving, it's gotta be doing something for me! I am not so good at the calypso.

    Beck, I think it's k/crumping! I think that's what the instructor yells out. But really, Lord knows. I'm so hip and all.

  5. I have tried Zumba just once & was so unco-ordinated & hopeless I never went back. I need to try again in a class of equal talent (or lack of) for Zumba-ing for my self esteem to recover.
    That girl might be wearing Uggs but she also has her undies on the outside, maybe that helps you to ZUMBAAAAA

  6. Ohmygosh, Amy. You are SO funny.
    I have recently discovered Zumba and I LOVE it! I think that if I had discovered Zumba ten years ago, I could have been thin in college... but that might have gotten me into trouble so it's probably good that I'm only now discovering it!

    My favorite part about Zumba class is that, since I take it with all the retired people at the TI gym, I don't have to worry about being hip or sexy. I just shake it with all the old ladies and we all laugh at/with each other the whole time!

    LOVE you. LOVE your blog. Love, love, love.

  7. okay everyone, the wonderful thing about zumba (or anything similar) is that if you are having fun and burning calories WHO CARES HOW YOU LOOK? well to be totally honest yes i care some, but not enough to quit. and because i stuck with it i now can do almost all the moves. i must admit though, i love to dance and it is in my blood. still, i am not as thin as i would like to be or as young. so what. i was just saying that i love when the instructors give it all they got, even when they themselves are not the cutest or thinnest. if you think you are beautiful and "rocking" who has the right to say differently. don't give up ladies. you are beautiful and so lets ZUMBA!