Thursday, May 12, 2011

Richard Dean Anderson, you will always have a place in my heart.

I'm posting everyday for the rest of May to celebrate my 300th blog post. Give it up, y'all!

A few mornings ago, I brought Grace into the living room so she could watch some cartoons while I finished getting kids ready for school. As I flipped through the channels to find the one I wanted, I saw an old MacGyver episode on TV. You remember him, right?
I'm just gonna say it: that man rocked a mullet. I almost sat down with Grace to watch it, but then I remembered: it's 7:30 in the morning, lunches have to be made and uniforms put on. Perhaps now isn't the best time? And then I was sad, cause really--when is that ever gonna be a convenient time to watch MacGyver?

You see, I sort of really love that show. I have seen pretty much every episode. MacGyver and his creative use of tin foil and packing twine got me through a tough year. When I was 15, I went through a really rough time. But really, doesn't everyone? Seriously, I've done a very informal survey, and most people agree that 15 is a really "trying" age. I wouldn't go back to it for anything. But of course, I'm grateful for the lessons learned and character building yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, I was fairly depressed that year. There was some significant stress and serious relational issues in our extended family, I had to have major jaw surgery, and what else? Oh yeah--I was 15. Lots of angsty angst. I'd come home from school, make myself macaroni-n-cheese, and stretch out across the end of my parents' bed to watch MacGyver. Two back-to-back episodes, baby. And then, several hours later, 2 more episodes. I know! Don't judge me, love me. Sometimes, mom or dad would come in and sit on the end of the bed with me. And I'd be all, "Shhh! He's got to defuse the bomb with a stick of gum and a packet of ketchup!!" Lord only knows what they thought.

See? I'm not the only one. Aunts Patty and Selma loved him, too.

Of course, I came through that difficult time. And MacGyver, my parents, and God made it possible. Um, not in that order, of course. But the Lord works in mysterious ways, don'tcha know, and I think Richard Dean Anderson played a part. And now, years later and on the other side of the world, I flip past that show on TV and it makes me smile. And cringe a little, too, at the memory of my 15 year old awkward, mac-n-cheese eating self. But mostly smile.

Do you have any weird connections with TV shows? I am not gonna make myself sound any nerdier than I already do by mentioning my love for Star Trek: The Next Generation, Quantum Leap, or The West Wing. The part of my brain that should have mastered Analytical Geometry or Spanish III is filled with lots of trivia! I am pretty much a nerd at heart. Which Jason enjoys reminding me.

Here's just one tidbit, in honor of my mullet-headed, creative problem solver hero: do you know MacGyver's first name? He hated it, which is why it was never revealed until one crucial episode!

I charge thee, do not google it! I'm curious to see if anyone knows it. Let's geek out together.

It gets worse. Click here to read some more random, slightly embarrassing, and definitely nerdy things about me.


  1. Do you have Netflix? Because you can watch it instantly on there. But you may already know that. =)

    My tough age was 14. I used to come home from school and watch reruns of Matlock with my mom. Apparently I was a 14-year-old senior citizen. Good memories, though!

  2. I can't understand where your nerdiness comes from. Your parents aren't nerdy at all.

    BTW, it's Angus, isn't it? I only know because in some circumstances your mother likes to call me that.

  3. I never could have told you 'Giver's first name! But I remember what a clever dude he was. I also share your love of Quantum Leap! I would love to see that series again from beginning to end. Now as for your 15 year old self. You were intelligent, sensitive, a leader in church, caring daughter and sister. Never a nerd! Everybody has a rough patch sometimes. You came through yours to rule the world. I just LOVE this everyday blogpost thingie.

  4. Your Macgyver in 1991 equals my Law and Order in 1994. I'll be back to elaborate, either here or on my blog. Great post.

    Dad, Mom calls you Angus Macgyver sometimes?? This is one of those things you wish you could unknow.

  5. Let me add beautiful, witty, and warm to the characteristics your Mom listed.

  6. ANGUS!!!!!!
    Because of my shared adolescent crush on RDA, he is on my "list". You know, of people that, if given a chance, you have spousal permission to, you know. ok, so maybe not (he's pretty OLD by now, right!), but you get the drift of the depths of my Mac passion.

  7. Would you be too embarrassed to know me if I told you that I very willingly went to a Star Trek convention and paid ten bucks a pop to get autographed glossy headshots of the cast members that were there....and then proudly displayed them on my refrigerator for, like, 2 years?

    I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie and as a teen, I would often ask myself "What would Laura do?" if I wanted to take the spunky way out and "What would Ma Ingalls do?" if I wanted to take the classy way out. Of course, this meant that I never really asked myself what Ma Ingalls would do because classy is not really in my blood.

    Also, 15? Yeah, totally rough. It may have even bled into 16. And 17.

  8. That is adorable about Little House! And believe me, if I'd had the opportunity I would've been at the Star Trek convention with you!

  9. ZOMG, I loved Little House. My sister and I used to watch that ALL. THE. TIME. But my secret TV show love is for M*A*S*H. I still contend that that was the best sitcom of all time. Ever. Have you seen it recently? It is really brilliant. For all intents and purposes, I believe, they invented modern "dramedy." And I had the MacGyver crush on Alan Alda. That's not good, right?