Sunday, May 15, 2011

Under the Influence

Jason's had a cold the last few days, which has left him with a raspy throat. Sundays are big days for us, obvs, so he took some cold medicine this morning so that he could get through our morning service and also a workshop we had later in the afternoon.

This morning, I had to leave for church extra early, so Jason brought the kids a bit later. As he was rushing down the stairs, carrying Grace, he turned his ankle pretty badly. So by the time he got to church, he was limping. He took some pain medication cause it was really hurting.

It reminds me of the time I led worship while hopped up on some serious decongestant. It was an interesting service. I might've told everyone I was feeling "loopy" and then attempted a toe touch at the end. However, this cannot be verified. Not my most professional moment, but it was memorable!

Anyway, despite his throbbing ankle and scratchy throat Jason preached a great sermon. But I have to tell you that there was some evidence he was a little out of it. The most telling moment was when he told everyone that Jesus had compassion on and healed the leopards.

(Instead of lepers, you know.)

Can I please get some props for not laughing out loud when he said that? I smiled, and my shoulders twitched involuntarily. But then I got it under control. No one else reacted, so I thought maybe they didn't notice. But after church, several of us were chatting and one of the guys goes, "Hey, did Jason say Jesus healed leopards?" We all cracked up--apparently quite a few of us noticed. Jason laughed when we told him and said he knew he'd done something "off" when he saw how I was looking at him. "I thought maybe my fly was down," he said. I assured him that I would say something if that had been the case.

I'm preaching next week...and you better believe I'm working the leopard joke into the message. I feel that it's my responsibility. Church humor, y'all! Catch the fever!


  1. Amy: I wanted to thank you so much for dropping by & leaving a comment. Unfortunately Blogger ate the comments before I could respond but I did get it! ☺

    There's something about preaching brings out the gremlins. Once before I was due to give the message we had a cat die [we are all very fond of our cats]. My entire house was hysterical & distraught & we arrived at church dishevelled, red~eyed, prone to weep if looked at the wrong way & rather looking as if we'd been fighting demons ~ perhaps not so far off the mark. I will say a little prayer for you all.

    PS I have a hysterical fly story I think you would appreciate but perhaps not suitable for a public family blog. ☺

  2. he he he, yes it can be verified, I WAS at that service when you were high on something:) I'm just so glad I didn't hear leopard rather than leper as that would have given me the serious giggles, Ron had a lot of self control I must add, he only told me later...btw no offence to Jason but I must have been seriously looking at my Bible or taking notes to not have got the leper/leopard thing:)

  3. No worries, Ganeida! Blogger ate a lot of comments that day. :) Sad story about your cat...I can't imagine how you were able to focus that day! Seems like, for us, if anything is going to go wrong or someone's going to get sick, it happens on Saturday night or Sunday morning! ;)

    Rosemary--yes, you were there that fateful day. I'm surprised you still have any respect for me...wait--you do, right? And Jason will be glad to hear that at least one person missed his faux pas!

  4. Oh, and ganeida--I would love to hear your "fly" story! Things like that keep life interesting! ;)

  5. Don't leave us out of the loop. Let us know what happens with the leopards this Sunday. I suppose you could also do a one-up. throw in some cheetahs for effect.

    i'm just sad nobody got the toe touch on video. that's really something that would leave a "wow" impression when played back during the christmas sermon.