Thursday, May 19, 2011

Real quick-like

Just a quick note before I'm off to bed...Grace was out of sorts all day today and has woken up crying 3 times already. So, who knows what the night may hold? Best to sleep while you can!

I just needed to tell you this. We checked out a new playgroup today, since Grace was like, "I know I'm the third child and all, Mom, but throw me a bone, will ya? Take me somewhere developmentally appropriate!" And I was like, "What--playing with the vending machines while Ava and Nate are at swimming lessons isn't enough for you? What about the time you got your hand stuck in the door flap thingy?" And she was all, "See? That's pathetic."

So my friend Jules and I went to playgroup this morning, and met a bunch of nice girls and their kids. And here's the thing I wanted to tell you: one of the little boys there was named Odin.

Odin? Major god in Norse mythology, ruler of Asgard? I think he's like the Nordic equivalent of Zeus, right? Anyway, it struck me as I met this little guy today that I think I've heard of other people naming their boys that. Is it becoming a thing? Why am I always the last to find out?

The quick, totally non-comprehensive research I did on the Internets gives me the idea that it's simply thought of as a quirky, uncommon sounding name. I dunno...I just don't think I could have a little Odin running around. It just makes me think of Viking ships and pillaging. And crusty old warriors. But that's just me...we tend toward the simpler, less creative names, I guess.

So what other naming trends am I missing out on? Is there a goddess of sleep and non-cheekiness? Maybe that's who we should've named Grace after.


  1. I have a friend who named her children after different models of trucks. She has two, but I was afraid if she had another baby, she would name him Durango or F150.

    I hope it's not a trend, although the names she picked out for the first two were very spunky and cute.

  2. Oh my, that is unfortunate. A while back, I wrote a piece talking about how a friend of a friend had named her son Beowulf. Dear Lord.

  3. Ok, well now I'm curious--what were the truck names?? Ranger? Bronco? Forerunner?

    Gretchen, I remember that post!! Dear Lord, indeed. Does he go by Wolfie? Wulfie?

  4. one of our older patients can't get over the naming of his new grandson Oxley (and he must not be nick named Ox or fear death by the lioness mother). I might be with the older gen on that one.

  5. Wow, Oxley is for sure different! And here in Australia, where everyone's name gets shortened, that mom might have an uphill battle!

  6. We have a slew of crazy names in our preschool, which is kind of a hippie place. There's Diamond, Sugar, Journey, and, of course, Hallelujah. Seriously.