Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Somewhat Constrained

You guys, I kept thinking about that cupcake all day today. Is that sad? Maybe a little. It is perhaps a little sad. But I didn't go back to get one because, frankly, the thought of taking Grace back to the mall in the midst of the mid-morning rush was too much for me. Plus, she'd have just eaten most of it anyway. Somehow, none of our three kids have been the type to sit quietly in their strollers and watch the world go by. They have all been little Houdinis, figuring out ways to slip out of the restraints, or at least being loudly miserable until we release them. At this point, I would like to go on the record and blame Jason's hyperactive DNA. He of the knee jiggling. He of the pen tapping and napkin fiddling. He of the candle wax peeling. The blame lies squarely at your door, sir!

So, anyway, no cupcake today. I think I should have to run a Grace-gauntlet to get to any high calorie or fatty food...I bet the weight would just come right off! She can be my healthy lifestyle coach. Instead we stayed home and Grace dumped a massive container of yogurt on the floor.

The bright side, though, is that she still got to eat a little, as she managed to scoop some up as I was getting the paper towels. Then, while I was down there I decided to do a little mop job with the baby wipes. This is a totally legitimate cleaning method, did you realize? So, not only did Grace get her morning snack, I cleaned a small section of the kitchen floor. Know what that's called? Multi-tasking. Don't be intimidated, I wasn't always this on top of things.

Then we went to the school to watch Ava run in the Cross Country "Fun Run".
Now, Ava is many things, but she is not really a runner. She is happy to jog/walk along near the back of the pack. And that is so fine with me. She doesn't stress about not placing in the race, she walks until she sees me, jogs by with a big smile, then starts walking again. Ha! A girl after my own heart.

Speaking of exercise, I had to sorta take it easy today, cause last night I got my first Zumba-related injury. A real sports injury, y'all! And I got one! This is a first! I strained some tendon or something in my foot. I'm thinking it either happened during that new J.Lo song where you have to "back it up like a Tonka truck" or when Ricky Martin tells us that she makes him live a crazy life, but she takes away his pain? I'm really not sure. But my foot's a bit sore today, and I don't think my Uggs provided adequate support.

Don't worry though, I'll be fine! Maybe I'll limp to the mall tomorrow and fortify myself with a cupcake. Or Grace and I can scoop more food off the floor. That second option might be easier.


  1. This is why I've decided working out is not for me. Because I will get an injury before I get washboard abs. And hey, who needs washboard abs? I have a washing machine.

  2. Wow, a sports injury! You are such a jock!

    I love that you photographed the pile of yogurt on the floor. You know, like one does.

  3. I know--what is wrong with me? Liz, I've been exercising for awhile now and no washboard abs! So you're probably not missing much. ;)

  4. Zumba should be rated as an extreme sport

  5. Gracie scooping up a bite a yogurt reminds me of some craziness of my own. Years ago while loading a big casserole dish of spaghetti into the car, I dropped it on the driveway. We were on our way to a big family dinner. It sat there in a nice steaming pile nicely atop the broken pieces of Corning Ware. So, I ran and go another dish and carefully scooped the good hot spaghetti off the top and took it to the dinner. Your kinfolks never knew the difference. And I didn't tell 'em.

  6. Haha! I remember that story, Mom! I salute you--totally woulda done the same.

  7. Ha, multitasking! This post cracked me up.