Sunday, June 5, 2011

Light it up, baby!

Look at those two crazy kids. Ah, to be young and in love.

Today is our 12th anniversary. I can remember lots of things, of course, about our wedding day. I remember how my bouquet weighed like 25 lbs, and that Jason had to help me hold it at the altar. I remember how our "getaway car" stalled right after we left the reception, and Jason had to help the driver push it to our B&B. I remember how pretty much all of our favorite people in the whole world were in one place for about 48 hours. And most of all, I remember being so thrilled to be getting married to Jason. He is a catch-and-a-half, seriously.

I know what you're thinking--"But Amy, you don't look old enough to be married for 12 years!" Oh, wow, thank you. You're so kind. And totally right, of course.

We had our church service today and then had lunch with an engaged couple to begin their pre-marital counselling. (That's appropriate, isn't it?) Soon, we'll head into the city for the evening. There's a light festival on called Vivid Sydney that we're gonna go check out. Look at this:
There's several different light displays around town, and something with fireballs. I thought that was pretty sweet of them to do all that for our anniversary. Should be fun!

How's your weekend been? Next time I'll tell you about how some teenage boys caused quite a ruckus in our 'hood yesterday. They really are crazy kids.


  1. lol, you look like a child bride in that picture, seriously! :) Happy anniversary!

  2. Congratulations!
    that light show will be a fitting celebration of your milestone

  3. Congratulations! Hope your night out was *lovely* :)

  4. What will always remember is:
    "Once in love with Amy,
    Always in love with Amy."

  5. Happy Anniversary! So where were you married? And yes, that bouquet is half your size!
    I wanted to tell you I've been enjoying your May posts and my faves were "Very Sporty" and the Budding Philanthropist. Love the family photo on the wicker couch and the photo of the kids that day? Gorgeous!!

  6. I remember that happy, beautiful day as though it were yesterday! How could twelve years have passed?? You were a gorgeous bride and Jason was the handsome groom. What a celebration it was! And to think that you now have three wonderful children, is just icing on the cake. Your dress and flowers were so pretty, and ev eryone in the church teared up when you two danced down the aisle. Happy memories. I love you and bless you on this day.

  7. I feel I must remind Camp Papa that
    "Once in Love with Amy" was my idea
    for your dance with your Dad. I had come up with that when you were a young teen because were such a doll! Of course, Becky is the one who rose immediately to the task and found the music!

  8. I'm glad you said "pretty much all our favorite people in the world"...because it is truly one of my life regrets that I wasn't at the Jason-Amy wedding. :( But, I loved the photo...has it really been so long?! I will also note I've never seen a bridal bouquet that big in all my weddings at Duke Chapel! You win!

  9. Seriously, Sydney is the best. Every year they do this huge boat race for my hubby's birthday. Everyone gets out on the harbour for it. It is quite the do. Congratulations on 12 years. That's definitely worth a shout out.

  10. How did I not remember that you stole your bridal bouquet off of someone's coffin? Or does it only look like that?


    You guys look SO impossibly young in that picture. Unbelievable! Doesn't seem that long ago AT ALL because I was already an old married lady then.

    "Ever and ever, fascinated by her, set your heart on fire to stay..."

  11. You were a child bride!

    Happy anniversary!

  12. Thanks, everyone! We had a lovely time out. :)

    And you guys you're right--dancing with Dad to "Once in Love with Amy" was pretty stinkin' great. One of those Moments. :) And when could you have that sung about yourself and not look completely arrogant, but at your own wedding?

    Meg, you were one of the one I was thinking of when I said that ALMOST all our fave people were there. :) xo