Thursday, November 10, 2011

I guess I like to live on the edge

If you've been reading along for awhile, you know that I sometimes take covert pictures of people making, well, interesting fashion choices. Here's the guy with the most amazing feathered mullet I'd ever laid eyes on. And here is a young man who treated me (and the rest of the food court) to a generous view of his boxer briefs. Becky does it too. So maybe it's genetic? All I know is that when I see something that strikes me as really funny, ridiculous, or just weird, I have this urge to capture it so I can show people. I guess I'm not the only one who does it...isn't that why YouTube was invented? Oh, and People of Walmart--what a treasure trove that site is!

Anyway, when the kids and I got to the airport yesterday, we had some time to wait around. As we stood in the Arrivals Hall, I noticed the gentleman next to me was wearing a very spiffy get-up.

Ah, yes. The tuxedo T-shirt really is a versatile article of clothing. It says, "I recognize the solemnity of this occassion, but I still like to have a good time." It says, "I'll acknowledge social conventions but I won't be manipulated by them." It says, "I can begin the evening with Moet, but I'll end it with Pabst Blue Ribbon."

This man wasn't the "type" in my mind though, to be wearing one. I'd always thought of the tux T-shirt being more suited (if they're suited to anyone) to young dudes who are trying to be ironic. But this guy was not ironically wearing this shirt. No sir. It was crisp, his black trousers were pressed, his shoes polished--he was dressed, y'all.

I was determined to get the shot, but I had to be careful cause he was like 6 feet away. I totally have respect for those wildlife photographers now, you guys. Cause this stuff ain't easy. I pretended to texting on my iPhone for AGES until he turned the right way and I could take a picture. Then Ava saw it and said, "Hey, why did you take that?" "Oh," I said, "I must've accidentally pressed the button." I am trying to keep this from spreading to the next generation, you know.


  1. Amy, you are hilarious! Moet to Pabst. That's rich! Your stealthiness is top-notch. I laughed out loud when Ava asked why you were doing that. She doesn't miss much, huh? Now , did you and Becky ever wonder how many people surreptitiously take your pictures? Keep 'em coming!

  2. Um, I do not understand this guy. All of other unfortunate looks, I could envision the chain of events that led to that point. But him, I don't know. I'm just feeling confused.

    Nice stealthy photography AND hiding your stalkerness from your kids!

  3. It can't be genetic. I've only done it four or five times and your mother hasn't done it at all.