Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Under one Roof and also No She Didn't.

Jason and Grace arrived home this morning--finally! Jason scored like, infinity points by making the trek across the Pacific with her on his own, and then not even complaining about it once he got here. I mean, I've done the solo trip with kids, but I'm always sure to get credit for it after. Because of me being immature and all that. So, for those of you keeping score at home, he wins forever.

Look at this, though. As a parent, this is absolute gold. Gold, I tell you!

Grace was positively giddy to see her brother and sister again. And they were thrilled to have her back, too. As I watched them hug each other, I couldn't help but think of Becky's post from yesterday about siblings: how they will be each other's longest relationships, that they'll know each other in ways no one else will. That there's such a potential for rich friendship there. Lord, help us not to screw this up.
Well. Before I get all verklempt on you, I have to tell you something that happened on the plane. But first I'd like to preface it by saying these things: What the? People are--. I can't even--. Okay.

We've travelled a lot our children. Like, a lot. At least 5 overseas trips and countless domestic flights around the US. The technical term for people like us is, I think, Gluttons for Punishment, or maybe Total Idiots. But that aside, Jason and I both are extremely conscientious about how our kids behave on planes. To the best of our abilities, we try to keep them quiet, contented, and entertained--all while striving to create the least amount of disturbance possible. I should have some kind of graduate degree in Carry-on Bag Packing For Toddlers. I can say that without bragging because I've been on enough flights with others who aren't as careful with their kids to know that it's just the truth, straight up. Of course, that doesn't mean our kids are perfect on long flights. Far from! But we try. And what else can you do, amirite?

Anyway, Jason and Grace had been on the flight for a couple of hours. It was well past midnight LA time, but she hadn't gone to sleep yet. He said that she was happy, though. They were chatting back and forth, and she was watching a movie. He said she made one loud sound--a happy exclamation at some point--but that was it. He was just trying to keep her calm and occupied until she would finally fall asleep.

So the girl in front of them turns around to Jase. He said she was younger, maybe in her early 20s. She looks at him and says, "Um, we're gonna try to sleep now. So if you could please keep the noise down."

Jason is telling me the story this morning and I am all, "No. She. Did. Not." And he's like, "Oh, she did!" "What did you say?", I said, "Did you punch her? Did you punch her in the throat?" (Probably, people in my line of work aren't supposed to think or say things like that. But I is what I is.)

He said to her, "Excuse me?" He said he kind of laughed, it caught him so off guard. Like, "Oh, why didn't I just think of this before? I can just have my 2 year old be quiet! Gosh, thanks for the tip, clueless twit!" Then he said to her, "Look. She's 2 years old. If all she does is make that little noise and talk, we will be very, very lucky. Turn around and mind your own business." (Okay he didn't say that last part. But I'm pretty sure the meaning was conveyed.)

So again I say: What the? People are! I can't even! I have kind of a temper about things like this, so it's probably a good thing it wasn't me on that plane. But unfortunately I never think of the right thing to say at the right time, so I would've spent the rest of the flight stewing about it!

But no matter! They're home now and all is well. But would you think less of me if I told you that I kind of CANNOT WAIT till that chick is making her first trans-oceanic flight with a toddler? Pop some popcorn!

--P.S. I'm not sure why Blogger is putting all these giant spaces between my paragraphs. Sorry for all the gratuitous scrolling required.


  1. Oh my,Sweet little Gracie! That joy in their coming back together truly warms my heart. All three of them love each other so much. It reminds me of three other kids from long ago. About that young woman on the plane. She will understand one day. Jason is always Mr. Cool. Love him!

  2. I confess to tearing up at the Grace and Nate photo. Seriously, reunion scenes always kill me. The part in Anne of Avonlea when Anne runs to Marilla ruins me with its beauty every time.

    Also, the plane lady. ? *eye roll* Seriously, sometimes I just hate people. Jason responded much better than I likely would have.

  3. First, that photo of Grace running to Nate is the bomb!! And look how Jason dressed her!!! So comfy and cute.
    I am impressed with Jason's comeback to the entitled 20-something chick. Cuz you know the whole plane trip revolved around her.
    And you are so funny about how you shouldn't say these things in your line of work!
    My Hubs would have prob at that point encouraged our happy child to then demonstrate seat kicking, high-pitched screeching, etc.
    Glad to hear everyone is back together all safe and sound.

  4. I just love that picture of Grace running to her brother. Her smile! It's so precious. I'm glad you all are back together again.

    OMG, Amy, that girl on the plane. The audacity! The nerve! Who does that? She really lucked out that it was Jason she spoke to. Almost anyone else would have blessed her right off that plane. Unbelieveable.

  5. Oh my. I just can't even. That girl. What the? I just have to believe that a loving God is going to make her feel like the giant ass she is one day. HONESTLY.

    Has she never heard what bad behavior on an airplane sounds like?

    And this is kind of why I'm over people in their twenties. Especially women. No offense! GAH.

    I love the picture of G running to the kids. She is such a precious little spark.

  6. I can't believe she said that!!

    I hope she has a moment of shame coming to her when she tries to herd her own toddler onto a plane in the future! Similarly, sometimes I hope that my students become teachers, so that they will experience some glimmer of a moment of shame for having once asked, "I wasn't in class yesterday. Did we do anything?"

  7. She should be glad it wasn't me and Cheryl's kids on the plane. Cheryl's kids are perfect angels, but when Aunt Cristyn is around to play then all bets are off... so I guess you could say I'm the problem ;-)

    What a great story!! Clearly she's not an aunt either :-)

  8. Beck, I want to get that phrase about a loving God printed on greeting cards. LOVE IT.

    Thanks, guys! I was gobsmacked. People!! And yes Cristyn, clearly not an aunt. ;) Jase said there was a young couple next to him and they were like, "We are going to drink a bunch of alcohol and take a pill, so we will sleep through anything." And he was all, "Works for me!" And they did. See? There's more than one way to deal with sitting near kids on a plane! ;)

  9. If you print the card I will buy it !!!!!
    "punch her in the throat" I laughed so hard the bed was shaking. ( trying not to awaken my sleeping prince charming.
    See, if G would have been with me, miss " I-have-never-had-kids and- should- shut-the-heck(sanctified version)-up" would not have even turned around cause it would not have been pretty!!! Lol
    Jason you're awesome bro