Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grace is 2! And also Come See This.

You guys, Grace turned 2 on Friday! Todd and Donna--some good friends of ours-- were visiting from Auckland last week. They just so happened to also be visiting us the week Gracie was born. That week two years ago, Donna kept our house clean and full of homemade soup, chicken wings, fresh salsa and pecan shortbread cookies. Friday morning--2 years to the day later--we all went into the city to Darling Harbour, and walked around the Chinese Gardens there. Grace had fun yelling at the koi fish and making me think she was going to fall off the little stone bridges. (I'll tell you another time why koi fish totally gross me out. I got all squicky.)

Shhh! Don't tell the big kids. They were at school and they don't think anything fun can happen without them.

Monday night we took our friends into the city for dinner and to see Vivid Sydney, a light show that was going on through downtown. We had dinner at a German Pub, which ended up being really fun. These three old guys in leiderhosen were playing and singing to a noisy crowd of tourists and we had a ball. And ate lots of schnitzel and giant pretzels.

Then I did something that is probably wrong. Okay, it's mostly definitely wrong. But I was giddy and hopped up on Diet Coke and carbohydrates. Anyway, the guy at the table behind us was rocking the most fantastic frosted, feathered, hairsprayed blonde mullet EVER. My friend Donna and I were snickering about it and then I decided I needed a picture of it. NEEDED. It was a need, okay?

I have a history of this. So does my sister. Which means it's genetic, which means I blame my parents. Yay! Anyway--
"You're beautiful, baby. Don't ever change."

Now do you see why I needed? And you know what's funny? Right after I made Jason sneakily snap that photo on my iPhone, 1987 called and asked for its hair back. Also:
Side view! This look don't come easy, folks.

Then Donna pointed out that the Hair looked a lot like the guys in Duran Duran--remember Simon?
Then we started singing "Hungry Like the Wolf" and chair-dancing, and I almost wet myself from laughing.

Maybe you just had to be there? But I'm pretty sure it was the Funniest Thing Ever.

Then we all sang Edelweiss with the band, which topped off the evening perfectly.

That's what I've got. Birthdays, pretzels, and awesome mullets, in that order. But how are you?


  1. Looks like a fun night for all! Was that the same pub/restaurant we went to with you guys at The Rocks? Now about that hair : it is comforting to know that we Americans aren't the only folks lacking taste. Really. You and Becky and your stealth photos are a scream. One day someone is going to notice. Meanwhile, kiss all the Hubbarts for me including yourself.