Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just pretty wrong.

I've been reading some inspiring blog posts lately about resolutions for 2011, and some nice retrospectives about 2010. But I gotta tell you, here in Sydney, we're still in holiday mode. Sure, most people are back at work by now, but January is still holiday time. It's summer, school is out, families go on vacation. So 'round these parts, we take awhile to ease into the new year and get all motivated. Get back to me in February about resolutions.

So instead of a deep thinking resolution, introspective kind of thing, I give you this:

Here is a young man enjoying his Subway sandwich with his underwear CLEARLY displayed above his jeans, which were firmly belted around his mid-thighs. I know. I KNOW. Jason and I were at the mall yesterday and we walked past him as we were leaving the food court. I was in awe. And lest you think his pants slipped down too far and he was unaware, may I offer Exhibit A? The belt, sir. The belt.

Now, I think we can all agree that this is just wrong. Yes? Okay. But here is what may possibly be more wrong. As Jase and I passed him, I whispered, "I really have to get a picture of this." And in what seemed to be a choreographed movement, Jason continued forward with the stroller and I curved off to the right. Casually--oh so casually!--I strolled along, as if I were choosing between the kebab place or the salad place. I eased into a seat behind that poor dude and pulled out my phone as if to check for a text message. I snapped a quick picture and contemplated moving in for a closer shot. I didn't want to blow my cover though, so I pocketed my phone and made for the Dollar Shop just beyond the food court.

So, wrong as this guy's fashion choices are, it is probably worse that my immediate reaction was to take his picture. These kind of covert ops seem to run in the family. I was only thinking of you. It's just that sometimes life throws something absolutely ridiculous in your path and it simply must be shared. And when that happens, far be it from me to let you down. Plus, whatever issues you might be having today, I bet you remembered to pull your pants up all the way. So this could also be encouraging.

And thus ends my first post of the New Year. Just me sneaking a photo of a dude I don't know. A dude, innocently eating Subway with his drawers hanging out. And I promise you this--in 2011, I will strive to maintain this high level of quality and reflection.

You deserve nothing less.


  1. I would have taken a photo too if I had a camera, which I usually don't when I see this. Gross, like we want to see someone's tush covered only by their underwear.
    It is so interesting and fun reading how you are having summer and school break. It was back up at 6:15 a.m. for all of us today, ugh!

  2. Gosh, I've never seen anything like that before! Is it a small consolation that the undies look freshly laundered?

    The best part of the photo are those orange stools, though! I could use a splash of colour like that in my kitchen!

  3. Oh my goodness. Is this wardrobe malfunction very common in Oz? If so we must soon stage an intervention and rescue Nate before he starts that quaint custom.
    HI -larious! And of course you took a picture. You could do no less for us. Meanwhile we are all bundled up against the cold here in the Northern Hemisphere. You remember those days, I'm sure. Stay cool my dears. Mwah!

  4. Dude clearly wanted to be noticed. One does not strap one's pants around the thighs to blend in. And here you made him an international sensation. Good work!

  5. The undies hanging out I can handle; it's just undies. We all get caught sometimes. What is deeply disturbing is the meaning of displaying your undies in such a manner ~ a meaning my teenage sons enlightened me to. *sigh* I don't think our culture needs to send covet messages whose origins began in a jail cell.

  6. The belt! I know!

    I don't get it.

    I like it when you get all special ops.

  7. Before reading the actual post and just glancing at the picture, I was sure that this was going to be about how awesome seating options are in Sydney mall food courts. The green, red and orange chairs are all so very very cool. Now let's get that dude to pull his pants up, shall we?

  8. The only thing RIGHT about this situation is that you took a picture. I expect nothing less. I always snap photos like this, mostly to text to people so we can all gawk together. You know, there are multiple books of shots of sketchy people at Walmart. You could have a whole new career on your hands.

  9. I know!! I know.

    So funny some of you mentioned the chairs...cause while we were eating lunch there I was looking at the green ones--they're hard to see in the pic but they're really cool, kind of Eames-ish in style. I was looking at them and wondering how I could track some down for my kitchen table.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed this little slice of life! :) And Ganeida, I hadn't ever heard the origin of this trend...now I'm afraid to know!

  10. Very very wrong. But like you said, this is exactly why God created iphones ;).

  11. Ewwww.

    My word verification is "skylle," like style + skivvies.

  12. I too am baffled by this look. Do his peers think it's cool? This makes me feel terribly old. Doesn't it seem really very uncomfortable? Hmmm.

    Don't feel bad about the sneaky picture. This dude totally deserved to have his underwear made fun of on the internet.

  13. Flirting with danger to snap this shot. Thank you, covert Amy.

    But, a serious "no thank" you to the "gentle"man in his Pundies (pants+undies).