Saturday, November 26, 2011

I really don't even know.

Tonight was our belated Thanksgiving celebration at our friends Holly and Jeremy's place. Holly is from Huntsville, Alabama and Jeremy is from New Zealand. She's an amazing cook and, on her last trip to the US, filled her suitcase with everything needed for a full-on Southern American feast. French fried onions, pie crusts, Caro syrup, cornmeal, even Thanksgiving-themed plates and napkins! Impressive, indeed. It was delicious, made even more so by the fact that we knew were getting to do something out of the ordinary. Though, since Costco has opened here, some brands we miss are a little easier to come by. And at the party tonight, rumors spread like wildfire that Dr. Pepper is now available in the International section at one of the major supermarkets here! Not that I really like Dr. Pepper! But still! I could drink it if I wanted to!

Jason was out all day for a men's retreat at church, so the kids and I mostly stayed home and I cooked. Nate had two back-to-back birthday parties, and I babysat my friend's two kids. It was slightly nuts but not too bad. Oh--and apparently Grace is auditioning for the sequel of Black Swan, cause she came downstairs like this:

Yeah, she found my mascara--my good one, too. I still don't know where it is.
Just do what she wants and no one gets hurt. Yikes, that photo does look a little bad seed-ish, doesn't it? I say that in love.

And in conclusion, I will now tell you that my abdominal muscles are still sore from a Sh'Bam class that I took on Monday. Remember Sh'Bam? It's the dance aerobics class where the instructor told us to stir the pot with the spoon up our rears? Yeah, you should go read that.

Anyway, I really threw myself into this one move (Not the spoon one! Yikes!) and I'm still paying for it, 5 days later. What can I say? I'm committed to my art. Oh! There is this one guy in there though, who is selling it, y'all! I mean, he really loves this class! He's the only dude in there, but is very flamboyantly into it. Both times I've been there, he ends up next to me, and the whole time, makes these little "whoosh" sounds through his teeth. Like sound effects for the dance moves. I know! And he does jazz hands, too. He also wears white knee socks. the ones with the colored stripes at the top. I'm not making this up. It is kind of awesome to see.

The world really is full of interesting people. I would just like him to give me a little more dance space, is all. I know this is all off-topic, but I have really needed to talk about this to someone.

Well, this is less like a blog post and more like a brain dump. It must be the effect of the sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, and creamed corn that I ate tonight as if the world were ending tomorrow. It's like I don't even know what I'm going to say next. Are you doing okay? Anyone dancing all up in your area? Yeah, that can be rough.


  1. I do my brain dumps on Monday. :) I dedicate my Monday posts specifically to dumping, and it feels good to speak randomly about anything I want.

    I really do wish I were able to join your class for a day with my camera. What a fun story he would be to share.

    I can understand the need to find familiarity in a foreign place. It sounds like you're there doing good things, though, so sacrifices like this are worth it. Right? I never did think the Coca-Cola tasted right when I traveled overseas, though. Boo.

    I'm blog hopping and found a comment you left somewhere along the way. Happy weekend!

  2. Cosco in Oz? All right! Sounds like your day was busy and good- and I gotta say that first picture of Gracie is so pretty,even with the mascara. Her eyes. Gorgeous! How did your dressing turn out? I imagine y'all had a lovely time at Holly's, but we did think about you guys and missed you both on thanksgiving and yesterday as we visited with assorted family. Love ya!