Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A plan so crazy, it just might work

Y'all probably don't know this, but November is National Blog Posting Month, also known as NaBloPoMo. Participants commit to blog every day in November. Why? For fun, that's why!! Also, because I make loads of money off of this blog, and mama needs a new pair of shoes. LOADS of money. Did you know that? It's true.

(It's not really true.)

Nah, for real though, I feel the need to challenge myself to write everyday for awhile. Also, it feels like chatting with friends and I like talking with you guys. My sister and I decided that we would do this together, but I get the jump on her 'cause of the International Date Line and stuff. Take that, Atlanta!

So come see me! I'm sure I'll need the encouragement.

In other news, today was Melbourne Cup Day. I've blogged about it here. It's a day of horse racing that culminates in one afternoon race--they call it "the race that stops a nation". Except for that part of the nation that are picking up their kids from school, as the race takes place just after 3pm. But people still get into the spirit--tons of people dress up in dresses and suits to work, women wear hats or feathers in their hair, everyone bets on the races. This morning, I noticed most of the teachers at the kids' school had dressed for the ocassion.

Very cute. I would love to wear a cute little hat or fascinator, but I think my head is too big. I kind of have a thing about it. Why? Well, mostly because my head is actually too big to ever fit most hats that I've ever tried on in my whole 35 years of life.

When I say this to people, they kind of tilt their head and look at me. "It doesn't look too big," they muse. But then, I'll grab their hat and try to force it onto my freakish cranium. When they see that it squeezes my forehead like a vise grip and leaves a mark, they look the other way. Awkward! It's kinda like this.

Okay, not really. I have blonde hair. When I was in college, my friends and I would joke about my big head, and it became kind of a thing. My friends Amy and Amy (no, really) gave me a card with a cartoon sketch on the front. Two guys stood together, one of them with his neck curving down, with a HUGE head resting on the ground--too big to hold up. The other guy is saying to him, "Dude, your head is just too damn big."

And I am that big-headed dude.

Well, I feel better now. This stream-of-consciousness stuff is just as awesome as they say it is! Do you feel it, too?

I'll see you all back here tomorrow! Bring it on, November!!


  1. Amy, you are just too funny! Your head is not so big, it's just that hats are too small. Except very stretchy hats. Tee hee. I've had that problem all my life. Oh well, meanwhile, I am happy at the thought of "visiting"every day with you in your blog. You go girl! Are you going to tell about zip lining? Love you!

  2. Oh, I do remember your big head! And how we teased! ;)

    Yay for daily blogging!

  3. Look at that gargantuan melon!

  4. You know, you DO have a big head, but somehow you don't look like a bobble head.

    Be glad you don't also have those short useless forelimbs like Mom.

    Oh and my Nov 1 blog post just dropped. So it is on. In the manner or style of Donkey Kong.

  5. Did you know that many Hollywood starlets have abnormally large heads? It's true -- I'm in the know. Like Angelina Jolie -- her head is barely supported by her tiny, thin body.

    I, too, have an abnormally large head (and NOT a thin body)-- and in case you're wondering who the weirdo commenter is on your blog, I'm here visiting from your sister.

    I look forward to reading all November!

  6. Amy--I was hoping you'd see this post!! :)

    Elizabeth--hello! You know, I've actually noticed this. Especially with Kelly Ripa--her head to body size ratio is way outta whack. I think it's cause a lot of these celebrities are emaciated. But, um, that's not the case with me either.

    Yes, Beck. As Donkey Kong is on, so shall our blogging be.

  7. I don't get to read blogs everyday let alone write a post everyday but go for it! :)
    I wouldn't say you have a big head either literally or metaphorically:) truly I NEVER thought your head was big!