Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I probably need to get a bunch of cats.

Today, we made the sad realization that we've exceeded our internet download usage for the month. While Jason was away, I rented a few movies on iTunes, and then we rented a few when he got back, and the kids watched a couple...and it just got out of hand, you know? Nobody means for these things to happen! But sometimes you just get carried away.

So, we still have internet but it just slooooowwwwws waaaaaaaayyy doooooooowwwwwwwwwn till the new billing cycle begins. Which--thank you, sweet Lord above--is in 2 days. I know, right? First world problems. But I would appreciate your prayers for my family and me as we navigate this challenging time.

All this watching movies at home has got me thinking, though. I think I'm more suited to it than going to the theatre. I mean, I really enjoy the experience of going out to a movie. But I much prefer the ability to pause and discuss. Whether I didn't understand the legal nuances of Matthew McConaughey's strategy in The Lincoln Lawyer... (What? I never said I was smart. But I confess I never thought I'd write "didn't understand" and "Matthew McConaughey" in the same sentence.)...Or I feel a really strong need to tell Jason right now that that's Josh Groban in Crazy, Stupid Love, I think my movie watching persona is truly given wings with at-home viewing.

Okay, for serious. I really don't think I'm an annoying movie talker. But I do talk during movies. A little. Do you? I don't talk over dialogue, though. I have very strong feelings about that. I wait until the music plays or until lighthearted falling-in-love and/or makeover montage. But I just feel that sometimes colorful commentary is needed in a movie! You know? And I can provide that colorful commentary. Perhaps I needed to tell someone during The King's Speech that Lionel Logue's wife is Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, even though she looks so different! Really! Can you believe! It's her, do you see? These types of things cannot wait till the end of the movie! And your viewing is enhanced by knowing these things in the moment, don't you see?

I've noticed lately, since living here and going to the movies with girlfriends, that not everyone does this like I'd previously thought. So I don't know if it's partially cultural? I mean, we Americans are known to be blabbermouths, right? I have an American friend here, Holly, and when we go to the movies, we both chat back and forth a little. But when I saw the last Harry Potter movie with my friend Jules, I noticed that she was very quiet. Like, she didn't say a word the whole movie! Who does that? I felt a little self-conscious. Then one time, I went to see a movie with my friend Di. I'd whispered to her a few times--all very interesting tidbits, mind you!--and then realized that she hadn't been reciprocating. Maybe she doesn't like the movie, I thought. During a pause in dialogue I whispered, "Hey are you ok?" "Yeah," she whispered back. "Well," I said, "It's just that you're awfully quiet." She looked at me like I was nuts. "I'm watching. A movie," she said. "Oh yeah," I said. She had a point.

And even though I realized (after the fact) how redonk I sounded in asking her that, it really did feel strange to me that we weren't conversing more. I think part of it is that, to me, going to the movies with someone is a shared experience. And I feel the need to, I don't know, check in with the other person during the movie? Is that weird? I mean, part of the joy of seeing a movie is looking at the person next to you after something crazy or funny or shocking happens and going, "Girl, no. Did you see that??" Sometimes you just need to debrief, right there and then. But now I see that I am probably in the minority here. What about you? Do you talk during movies? Or do you want to dump your $8 Coke over the heads of people like me?

Perhaps I'm better off at home, with my pause button. Sniff.


  1. Who.. me.... quiet....?! I was probably spellbound... or sneaking in a quick nap away from the kids.... it WAS gold class and VERY comfy ;-)

  2. Amy, I am totally like you in a darkened theater! Some times a body just HAS to comment or ask a piercing question to enrich someone else's viewing pleasure. Although we watch movies on tv often, the whole big screen thing really is better for some movies. Do you remember when all 12-14 of us went to see each "Lord of the Rings" movies on three consecutive Christmases? Good times! Those movies elicited comments! Now, Mrs. Logue was Lizzie? Totally missed that.

  3. Then there's your mother's classic line, during a movie she had already seen: "Now you don't know it yet, but he's a bad guy."

  4. I am so with you! Discussion needs to occur during movies, particularly during a "where have I seen this actress?" moment. However, my stickler husband disagrees. Early on in our dating we rented a movie, and here I was thinking oh isn't this romantic and we're totally clicking with the movie chit-chat, and then he pauses it. I say "What's up?" And he says, "I'm just going to let you finish talking before we start watching the movie again." Oh. But we overcame the significant obstacle and married each other anyway.

    I think it was when his mother shushed me during a re-run of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" that I realized where he got it from. Sheesh!

  5. I'm not a movie talker, nor do I appreciate movie talk, though occasional shared chuckles or incredulous looks are welcome.

  6. I much prefer to watch movies at home - I can't be doing with all those annoying chatty people in the cinema :-p And I've noticed that Americans really like to talk during concerts. Here in the UK that is Not Allowed. I was quite shocked when I went to a chamber concert at the Lincoln Center.

  7. Too funny! You are a movie talker! But I'd rather chat through a movie with you than watch it alone in total silence.

    I think you do get it from mom.

  8. I took my daughter to see Avatar (the cartoon version, not the blue people one) & she explained all the finer plot points to me. She talked through the entire movie because she wanted me to understand & enjoy it as much as she did. I'd never realised how annoying it is.

  9. Jo, that made me laugh out loud! It *is*annoying, I know! I hope I don't go to that extreme! But I would think that, wouldn't I? ;)

    Dad, that line of mom's is classic! So very "her". And Nina, I think you're right--it tends to be more of an American thing, maybe.

    Justine, no talking during Dr. Quinn?!? These are strict rules, indeed! Do you live in Sydney? Maybe we should go to the movies together. ;)