Monday, November 7, 2011

Y'all Wanna See a Cool Lizard?

Duh, of COURSE you do! I've noticed this little guy hanging out near our driveway for the past few days, and today the kids and I managed to get a few pictures. I'm sure, that to people who've been here all their lives this is no big deal. But I'm always amazed that there are these big ol' lizards and exotic birds just hanging out near my house.
He's (She's?) pretty big...about 2 feet (60cm) long, I'd say. My extensive research tells me that this is a water dragon. But I'm not positive...maybe someone in the know can help me out?

I always have a hard time identifying animals by their photos. I would be a terrible eyewitness to a crime. Like, "Well, he sure looks like the guy who robbed the bank, but the guy I saw was three-dimensional, and existed in space and time. This guy in the mug shot is flatter, somehow."

I know that is so random, but I think about these things occasionally. And when Amy is blogging everyday, you get what you get sometimes.

Anway, despite Nate's promise to be very quiet and only whisper, and despite that whisper being louder than his normal talking voice, we managed to get pretty close to take the pictures. Kinda cool.

But remind me not to leave the front door open. By the way, I discovered a giant hole in one of the window screens today. The same window that I've been leaving open all day. I can't help but think that something has chewed a hole in it. Could that be true?? No really, could it? I'm a little freaked out.


  1. That is indeed an impressive lizard! Imagine it sitting still for y'all to take pictures of it! He would probably love to make a foray into a big house looking for snacks, huh? Yikes! That would scare the life out of me! Life in Oz has been an adventure.

  2. LOL'd at the mugshot part.

    That lizard is too damn big!

    Hide your kids, hide your wife...

  3. Mom, remember when the bluetongued lizard went missing in the house for 2 days. That was awesome.

    Beck, it IS really big. But that's mostly tail. Like me. LOL