Saturday, October 29, 2011

Well that was unnecessary.

I'm getting ready to preach in the morning, but I just had to tell you two perturbing things...

One, President Obama is finally going to visit Australia, and I found out today that he isn't even coming to Sydney! Just Canberra, to speak to Parliament and then off to Darwin, without so much as a, "Hey Amy--I'm in town!" Whaaa? Who comes to Australia and doesn't visit Sydney? Barry, is it something I said?

To top it off, now get this--I had to find out on the radio--not even a call! Or an email! As you might remember, this isn't the first time I've been dissed. And here I was with some shoes that I thought might fit Sasha--she's getting so tall now. Oh well...

Two, (and this is perturbacious fer reals) the CEO of Qantas announced today that they are halting all flights and ground operations on Monday. All of them. ALL OF THE PLANES FOR THE FLYING WILL NOT BE MAKING THE FLIGHTS. There has been some striking going on lately from the pilots, engineers and ground crew and I guess the CEO has just had it. This ain't really my area--union issues and worker's rights are more my brother's passion. But I'm a little irked, cause I happen to have a husband and toddler on the other side of the Pacific at the moment. Who will be hoping to board one of those Qantas planes in another week or so. Harumph!

Can we all just get along?

Okay, back to sermon prep for me... I just needed to talk to someone. Y'all are always there for me.

Unlike a certain leader of the free world who WON'T be getting the Tim Tams and baby koala I've been saving for him. Back into your cage, little Bruce. Maybe next year.


  1. Very funny post, Amy! I can't believe Barry is bypassing you AND Sydney. Really. And to think you had gifts for him. I may have rethink my vote for him. I sure do hope Jason and Grace get back on time. What will he do if the strike continues? What a mess! Hang in there, and have a Tim Tam.

  2. You are so funny! Hope all works out with the airlines.You could just hop on your jet plane and come and get them ; )
    Miss ya.

  3. There has not been one time...ONE TIME...when I have come here and not left without smiling or laughing or combo laugh-snorting.

    Thank you for rocking. And I'm sorry Barry won't get to experience it firsthand. This saddens my heart like you wouldn't even know.

  4. Well, Qantas is back in the air, after being ordered to by the Fair Work Commission. But, wow!

    Aw, thanks Liz. For a writer as hilarious, original, and fun as yourself to say that just about stinkin' MADE MY DAY. :)