Friday, May 29, 2009

Ten things about me that will not enrich your life in any way. (Just so you know in advance.)

The lovely Cassie at Spilled Milk tagged me a couple weeks ago in my first-evuh blog award! The Honest Weblog Award. Woo hoo! And before this, I've only ever won Spelling Bees! So of course, I was stoked.

Is that a bit like "Honest Crap"? Cause if so, it is probably entirely appropriate to most of the contents of Matron Down Under. Hee hee. Okay, so the rules are: I'm supposed to write 10 honest things about myself and then link to seven other bloggers who are meant to go and do likewise. (That sounds quite biblical doesn't it?)

Arghh! I'm so nervous--what if I do it wrong? What if y'all just laugh at me? Did I remember to wear clean underwear? Ok, here goes.

So here are my award winners (OMGILOVEYOUALLSOMUCH!)

1. Jane at The Rowland Ranch
2. David at Solid Footing
3. Amy at Fraught
4. Sara at We Love It, Don't We? (I know you just did one, but I want the world to know I love you. No pressure, though.)
5. Katie at There Are Rules...I can't find your blog anymore! Where did it go, babe? Well, you get one anyway!
6. Barbara at Barbara's 365
7. Michele Renee at Must Be a Full Moon (I've been lurking!)
And one more, cause I wanna:
8. Rosemary at Joyful Mum

Ok, now for my ten facts. Ready?OK!

1. I sleep with earplugs every night, for no good reason. Jason doesn't even snore. I just like the complete silence. I am a little annoying that way.

2. I teach a scripture class to about 30 Year 10 and 11 girls at a local high school. (It only meets fortnightly.) But here's the thing. I love speaking--it's one of my favorite things to do in the world. I don't usually get anxious about it at all. But even so,I get so nervous about this class everytime. I get all hot and start sweating! Teenagers are intimidating, dude! I want them to like me! I want them to like me! Do they like me? I don't think the girl with the pink hair does.

3. When I was a kid, I accidentally watched a few minutes of a documentary about nuclear war (this was in the Cold War days). I remember going to bed so scared that night of missiles! I prayed for many nights after that that God would protect me and my family from nuclear war. (So far, He has.)

4. Also when I was a kid I read the book Little Women about 8-9 times. And each time, I'd hope that Beth didn't die and that Jo would marry Laurie. As an adult, I read Pride and Prejudice 2-3 times a year. Yes, I am that stereotypical.

(I know all you dudes are cringing at this, but I heart Mr. Darcy. It's okay, though--Jason knows. He hearts him a little bit, too.)

5. I can't deal with the thought of mice in my house cause of a scene in one of the Little House on the Prairie books where Pa wakes up in the middle of the night to find a mouse chewing on his hair to make a nest. Ugh--it gives me the shivers even now. Years ago on a mission trip in Guyana, I slept on a (very uncomfortable) chair in the middle of a room because someone had seen a mouse on my pillow. Just can't deal!

6. Before we were married, Jason mentioned that he thought we might live in Australia one day. I was like, "Sure-whatever, babe." Ha!

7. I always wondered why I was so pedantic about spelling errors. Not that I am perfect about typos (there have been a few in this blog!), but I usually can pick them out pretty quickly. But it was actually annoying to notice them all the time. Then I married Jase--an incredibly smart man who just happens to be a terrible speller. (He readily admits this.) My mission in life is to spell check his emails to the church before they go out.

8. On that note, he sent me an email once when he was traveling around Europe (pre-marriage) and I was in Southern Alabama. (How's that for a contrast?) It said something about how much he missed me and wished we were together and then wrote, "But I guess God has his own planes." (He meant "plans".) I knew then that we were meant to be together. But I suppose God could have his own planes if he wanted to, right?

9. In high school, my best friend Betsy and I were obsessed with Star Trek:The Next Generation. We'd watch it every night and then talk about it on the way to school the next morning. I even read the books. (Still haven't seen the movie yet, but oh, I will!)

10. I am a bit of a nerd (see #9) but I embrace it! If Jason and I get into watching a certain show, I will "research" all the actors on it and the writers and be filled with all these "fun facts" to share. Soooo fun, right? Yeah. That and the earplug thing and the spelling thing makes you not wanna hang out with me, doesn't it?

Ok, whew! Well, that's 5 minutes you'll never get back. But at least you know about the dangers of hair-chewing mice now. That's about all you need to know about me, really. Now the rest of y'all, get to it!


  1. My beautiful nerdy wife-that was a great post! All those “lovely” things you mentioned about me thanks! Yet, I have to admit they are absolotily :) true. And by the way God’s got planes girl and plenty of them.

    I love reading your blog even if I never comment!

  2. That was hilarious esp about God's planes:)
    I am a bit nerdy like you, now that's one secret I need to write about but being knew to all of this exactly what am I supposed to be doing? huh? btw, I feel so special that you added me in "specially" at the end of your list:)

  3. doh! ok, I get it now! yea, I've told you I'm a little slooooow sometimes:)
    alright better start thinking thinking thinking....

  4. Wow, what a surprise to have rec'd an award from you!! I am so flattered and needed this on this Friday morning. I too have been lurking and think you and your sister are talented and must come from really nice, intelligent families. And your kids are stop me in my tracks gorgeous. I am pretty shy (only at first) and therefore haven't yet said much about myself on my blog but I think your award challenge is good timing.
    I can relate to your hubs' spelling challenges. Mine is very smart and a great speaker and teaches. But the spelling is atrocious. And the chicken scratches? Takes me a long time to read a note from him. They are into the vision and not the details, aren't they? I am into the details and not so much the ideas and vision.

    Also I need to find earplugs--I have never worn them but recently realized that I need them because someone has the TV on too loud.

  5. I won! I won! Thanks Amy. You should totally go into your Bible study with pink hair one day and be like, "What? Oh, yeah, I forgot you had pink hair too." Then you'll be best friends. ;)

  6. I am so beyond impressed that Jason commented on your blog. I think Matt checks in on my blog once a week or so, and if he ever commented I would drop dead of shock. Come to think of it, it took him a long time to "marry" me on facebook too. . .hmm.

    I'm LOLing at God's got his own planes! Why not?

    And Michele R, thank you for those sweet words! And Amy, I think I knew all of this except for your horror of mice. But I do remember that scene in Little House. It doesn't scar me like the scene with the leeches. Anyone remember? In Little House on Plum Creek, she jumps in the mud hole and comes out covered with leeches.

    I have to go lie down now.

  7. I just have to say how so sweet it was that Jason commented. Huge Awww! So sweet.
    And for the award nomination! Tanks Amy! (How do you feel about 'and' at the beginning of a sentence? I cringe at myself for doing it all the time.)
    I heart Darcy, too! Used to watch that on a VCR tape a friend recorded off the tv. And Star Trek-I loved the old and new-can't wait to see the movie. Mark, not so much.
    And I guess I never realized how much my curiousity drives me to research TV shows and movies and actors. Like, so busy wondering during the show that I'm not concentrating on the show...kind of embarrassing-ha! Not sure how Mark feels about my fun facts being spouted during the show either.

    Hmmmm, gotta go work on my list!

  8. Squeeeee, you tagged me?!! Thank you so much.

    I once lived in a bedsit that had mice and so I used to go to bed in a sleeping bag with trousers tucked into my socks, a top tucked into my trousers and my sleeves tucked into gloves. I didn't live there long.

    Hmm. Have to go and think of 7 things about me that other people might find remotely interesting!

  9. I was all thinking of things to say on my comment and then I read Becky's about the leeches and EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, oh god, I couldn't go in water forEVER after reading that. I had leech NIGHTMARES. Oh, thank you for bringing this memory back because I had almost forgotten and really, the leeches need to be a part of my fifth decade too. Really, they do.

    I have no idea what I was going to write here, except I do remember I AM SO HONORED to have won a bloggy award!! Thank you, thank you. I'll get posting on it soon :)

  10. Amy, I have been working on my blog post about 10 things of me, and I just took a break and reread yours and then I noticed your #10 and I almost yelled out loud. I do the SAME thing. My hubs will watch a movie on TV and get wrapped up in it and barely knows the title. I find I MUST read about it online and then recite for the family all the trivia. I'll be posting in a few hours. You are probably sleeping right now.

  11. Michele that is so funny! At least now we know we aren't alone. ;)

    Barbara--that mouse story is still freaking me out! I don't know how you lived there. You are one tough chick!

    And about leeches, we live across the street from a heavily wooded area--and one day our neighbors went for a walk out there and one came back with a leech on his leg. AWESOME!