Monday, November 9, 2009

Slow News Day?

I got online today and learned that Aussies are "angry" that Britney Spears was apparently lip-syncing at her concert in Perth the other night. Britney is here to kick off the Australian leg of her tour and it's being reported that "about 100" fans walked out of her concert on Friday after realizing she wasn't singing live. And now, oh boy, there's a media furore.

Wait. Is it "State the Obvious" Day and no one told me?

People are angry?Really? We're angry about this? We're even surprised? I would've bet you cash money that Britney wouldn't be singing live at her concerts. I'm just having a hard time getting all upset about this, y'all. I'm not knocking Ms. Spears, I'm just saying it's not exactly her vocal chops that contribute to her fame. If you shell out the cash to go see her, it's not to hear her rendition of Nessun Dorma, you know?

Perhaps then, it's time to break some more bad news to the disillusioned. I mean, someone needs to tell them.


Is staged.

Elmo... actually a puppet. I know.

And Nigerian banks?

Do not have millions of dollars waiting for you to withdraw them. I am sorry about this.

Reading other headlines there seems to be no shortage of legitimate things to be outraged about. So I'm gonna have to agree with John Mayer on this one, who tweeted: "If you're shocked that Britney was lip-syncing at her concert and want your money back, life may continue to be hard for you."

One postscript is that after reading about this, I couldn't get Spears' "Circus" song out of my head. And I discovered that Grace really likes it.

And in the interests of full disclosure, I told Grace that Britney is lip syncing the song in her concerts. And Grace was like, "Duh, Mom. Tell me something I don't know. Like how to eat solid food."

I hope that today holds no other unpleasant realities for you.


  1. this post reminded me of when we went to Kenya after our freshman year...and of all the things we expected our African hosts might ask us about life in America...the most dominant question (by far) was "Is WWF REAL?!" Do you remember that? :) Poly sana if you don't. Love, Cheghan

  2. can I just say I love "blog-every-day-month" or whatever this is. Smiling, smiling, every morning knowing there is some Odom love waiting just for ME. (this is just for me right? don't burst my bubble.)

  3. Bless their Australian hearts. I'm with John Mayer. But, sidebar: Does it seem like John Mayer tweets about everything? Like, is he a professional tweeter now?

    I too love this NaBlogallthetimeMo! You are my first stop every morning.

  4. I'm lovin that smily face! I wanna kiss those cheeks!

    My only question is, why aren't people wwaayy over Britney?

  5. I'm with you, Amy. Personally I would never, ever pay money to see a pop star perform and expect anything BUT lip-syncing.

    I do love me some Circus, though. That Grace is such a doll.

  6. Hahahaha! I know right? People seriously get bent out of shape about this stuff and I just wonder if they live in this super over protective bubble or something.

  7. I always did wonder how Britney could dance like a maniac and sing at the same time. ;)

  8. Oh, I love the news article that you linked. Because I saw another article on that one about Eva Mendes and her risque underwear ad. And saw the words, "Is it too saucy?" Saucy! I love it--I have a new word. And then some guy said, "It made me want to get drawers like that." Drawers! Said by a 24 yr old guy. Love it!

  9. Meghan you make me laugh! Yes, I definitely remember that--I hated breaking the news to them, too. And your command of Swahili is impressive still!

    Thanks, Amy! And yes, I do it all for you. :)

    Beck, yeah John Mayer is in Oz right now, and I saw him on a tv show, twittering while he was being interviewed.

    Michele R--yeah! I saw that, too. Saucy is a good word, along with "cheeky" which we use all the time.

  10. Pretty baby!!! (and my word verification is 'blesse')

    I listen to Britney Spears sing like I rubberneck at an auto accident. It's just so bad, I can't look away. But. "It's got a nice beat, and you can dance to it."

  11. No money in that Nigerian bank???
    Durn it! There goes my early retirement plan.

    You funny woman. I can hardly keep up with the NaBloPoMo entries -- but it's sure fun tryin'!!

    Just wondering.... since your fellow Ozzies will be paying as much attention to T'giving as Americans pay to Melbourne Cup Day, will you still be doin' Thanksgiving up large in Down Underland??