Monday, November 23, 2009

The beginning of a beautiful relationship

Tonight I gave Grace some rice cereal for the first time. She's really been watching us eat lately, and is starting to try and grab at things that we're eating. To be honest, I'm never eager to start doing the whole baby food thing. Mostly cause I'm kind of lazy. And when you're breastfeeding, that means the food is always on hand and ready to go with no preparation! But at five and a half months, I thought, maybe she's ready to try food. Well, I think it was less than what she'd hoped for.

She's looking at me like, "Umm, and we're doing this because...?". Poor thing. I mean, this stuff is blander than bland. Like cotton balls but with less interesting texture. She spit most of it out, but it was fun to watch her face. Yes, we all laughed at her expense.

Hang in there, sweetie. It will get better, I promise. There's always Spam.


  1. I sure miss having a baby at that age. They are such fun. Grace is as cute as a button. I know you get such joy from her. Give her and the other two dolls a big hug from their Great Aunt Maggie

  2. Five-and-a-half months?! Didn't you just bring her home from the hospital like two weeks ago??

    (Also, my word verification today is "morsh." I wish that were a real word.)

  3. I go away for a few days and now I have to block like 20 mins to play catch up ;)!

  4. I must say, she looks skeptical. Mine were never that crazy about rice cereal. Sweet potatoes, yes.

  5. I think I was the only one who skipped rice and did oatmeal cereal. When I added mashed banana and started other stuff like veggies they looked at me like, "Now you're talkin".
    What a cutie in her summer dress!

  6. I hated starting the solid food thing with my daughter because, like you said, breastfeeding was so simple. But with my son? Bring it on! I hated having to make bottles.

    She's so cute! She'll be more interested when she gets to pureed veggies and stuff...that rice cereal is disgusting!