Thursday, November 12, 2009

Here is where I start to lose it just a little bit.

It's heating up here!

Today was hot enough that even I got in the pool! Having been raised in Florida and on the Gulf of Mexico, I like my swimmin' holes really warm. I find the ocean here freezing, and our pool is usually too cold for me too. What can I say? I am a delicate flower. A tulip. I never swim at the beach here, and it has to be stinkin' hot outside here for me to get in the pool. And today it was 35 degrees (95 Fahrenheit) outside and 34 degrees (93 Fahrenheit) in our house. That got me into the pool!

Neither of the houses we've lived in here have had air conditioning or heating. Most times of the year, it's not an issue. The weather here is usually pretty divine. But man, oh man, when Sydney decides to heat up, she don't mess around. This requires one to be alot more creative in cooling down or heating up. When we lived in Dallas, it was just a matter of turning up or down the thermostat. I now sigh wistfully when I think of those days.

I have discovered that the answer to cooling down your house doesn't always mean throwing open all the windows. Don't be so cavalier with your window-opening! On hot days, it's best to open them early in the morning, and then close them all by about 9:30 or 10 at the latest. It's a delicate dance, this climate control.

Every year as it starts to get hot, I usually wig out a little. Jason expects it now. Our first really warm day a couple weeks ago, I came to find him as he was working and said in this desperate tone, "I have got to have more fans. And no more of these cheapo ones from the grocery store. They do nothing for me! You must go now and buy me some real fans. Spend some money!" He knows better than to argue with me when I am in this state. So, he went out and bought some new fans and they are keeping my heat-induced craziness at bay. For now.

But you know the fan I would really love to own? My neighbor told me about this and I looked it up on the Internets and it's true. Look at this. And prepare to have your every paradigm of fan-age completely overset.

Dude. Dyson has made a fan. Look at that thing! It has no blades! It defies explanation! All I know is that it took 4 years to design and that it involves Lasers and Science. And it blows out 15 times more air. Fifteen times, y'all. It's retailing right now for about $300 for the 10 inch model, and $330 for the 12 inch.

I'm pretty sure that I would be in a better mood this summer if I had one. Jason says it will be a cold day in hell before he'll spend "300 bones on a fan". I told him that a.) I don't need his sarcasm about fans and their importance, and b.) hell is probably much more likely to have cold days now that DYSON HAS MADE A FAN.

Why does no one respect my need for proper ventilation? I'm just asking.

I'm gonna go have a popsicle now. Maybe I'll have $300 worth of them, JASON.


  1. I would lose it too, with no A/C! Is it humid, too? That makes it even worse! I wonder if that fan really works? It looks more like a piece of art than a fan!

  2. Whoa, $300 for a fan. Is that Australian $$? It is totally confusing that that thing is a fan. Where does the wind come from? How do it know?

    I sympathize. It seems like A/C is everyone's God-given right.

  3. Witchcraft!! Crazy fan. But for $300 you could have one of those portable air conditioner thingies.

  4. That sounds like my husband. Also, you sound like me. And if I may, you could totally eat $300 of premium ice cream without too much work, if you have it in Australia. Do you all even have ice-cube culture under there?

  5. Oh.My.Gosh. 93 degrees in the house? That is seriously hot. But I can't wrap my brain around that strange fan. I'm with Bec, where does the wind come out? I was also thinking about poor little Grace. She can't sit on her own. I imagine being held-skin against skin- is hot. As we say in the South:
    "It's too hot to pile!" Well, at least it'll be winter when you come this way.

  6. Ohmigosh...that fan is officially on my Christmas wish list.

    I have a heat pump in my house, which thankfully doubles as an air conditioner in the summer..but only for the living room. I keep my windows closed during the day and open them at night so I don't melt into my I'm sympathizing with you right now. We've had some warm days lately, but not quite that warm. Yet. Give it a month!

  7. Thanks, guys! I know--it's a pretty freaky looking creation, but it apparently works really well! Today was much cooler, though, so I had some respite. :)

    Beck--I think it's 300 Aussie, but really the exchange rate is nearly 1:1 these days!

    David--we actually bought a portable AC secondhand last summer, but it only worked a couple times. Wah!

    And Elle, I have already started my ice cream regimen! :) People also do ice cubes here, but our fridge doesn't have an automatic ice maker so I've kinda gotten used to not having it.

  8. you could have one of those portable air conditioner thingies. Work from home India

  9. Honey, you DESERVE a Dyson! 93 in the house????