Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's a very fine mist. More like a sheen.

What I need to tell you about today is that I have started spritzing Grace before every sleeptime. I have a little spray bottle in her room, and before I lay her down, I turn on a fan and mist her with water. She looks at me with surprise, but she doesn't seem to mind. My hope is that it's cooling her down enough so that she can sleep more comfortably. You know how, in the produce section, they spray the fruits and veggies down with little hoses? It's kinda like that. She's my little cantaloupe.

I am so like a pioneer woman. Relying on my wits and God-given resources to survive. Before you know it, I will be, like, shooting bears and stuff. If we had bears here. We don't really. Koalas aren't bears, did you know that? It's a common misconception. They're marsupials. Not that I would shoot one if they were bears. They're kind of small anyway and probably not worth the effort.

I am going to go and spritz myself now. Seems like I need it. Any other baby misters out there? Or baby spritzers? Which sounds better?


  1. Grace is so cute I could just die ! Such a happy face. I'm sure it's always that happy, huh? Your idea to spritz her is a good one. I may borrow that idea here when summer comes. You guys really are like pioneers facing the cruel elements. Imagine life without AC ! Perish the thought!

  2. This no AC situation is seeming excessive! Could you get a window unit for one area of the house, and maybe all live in the basement? Poor little canteloupes!

    Meanwhile, I am wearing uggs and a fleece jacket, and last night I procrastinated getting out of the hot tub because it was so nippy. Just to let you know.

  3. Baby spritzers sounds like a teeny tiny alcoholic beverage. Not even worth drinking. I'd stick with baby misters :)

    that's a really good idea you've had...I'm sure she feels better!

  4. LOL Mad Woman, I thought the same thing!

    Beck, we bought a portable one last year that died after we used it a few times, so Jason doesn't wanna try that again. With us renting, it's hard to buy something more permanent.