Monday, November 2, 2009

First Swim of the Season

When we moved to Australia four years ago, I knew that the seasons were reversed. As we were coming over in July, though, I just could not wrap my brain around the fact that it could be winter somewhere. Not while we were sweltering in the oppressive, "Seriously? It's this hot?" kind of Texas heat. I thought, "Surely these Australians know that it isn't really winter."

Oh, but it was. And when our jet-lagged Ava would wake up at 4:30 in the morning and we would get up in the freezing pre-dawn, I'd think, "Oh. They weren't kidding." Conversely, our first New Year's Day here, it was 108 degrees Fahrenheit (about 42 Celsius). Surreal. If by "surreal" we mean, "so hot you want to die but it's too hot to put forth the energy that dying requires".

Today, though I noticed that it doesn't feel at all strange to me anymore as I took the kids out to the pool on the 2nd day of November. It felt totally normal to get popsicles today and break out our new raft for the pool. And we are glad that warm weather is here.

Nate would like me to point out that he was not thrilled to wear the pink life jacket, but as it's the only one we have, he didn't have much choice. I had him eat some dirt afterward to ensure his boy-ness is still intact.

The pool water is still pretty cool, but the kids had fun splashing around a bit and Grace just watched and listened to their squeals in bewilderment.

Her expression in that cracks me up! She wasn't enjoying herself as much as the rest of us...I think her cold is still lingering. She's like, "You guys are acting so immature. Nice life jacket, Nate."

I'm taking part in NaBloPoMo--the National Blog Posting Month. That means I'll post every day in November. Cause I obviously have nothing but time on my hands. And because I likes a challenge. Translation? Your month just got about one million percent better. Right? Right?


  1. With your eat dirt advice to Nate you have shown your true genetic colors. You are channeling Grandma Betty and your mom! I love it!!
    Great post, I look forward to the rest of the month. You are such a doll. Love ya!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're doing NowWouldYaBloMo! I'll be here first thing every morning.

    Grace's expression is worth one thousand words.

  3. Swimming in November--Yay! It is in the 60's here in the Midwest, and feels nice after the cold, rainy weekend we had. Lily told me "It's like summer!" Not quite.

    I'm glad someone else is crazy enough to do NaBloPoMo! I'm wondering why I signed up right now...

  4. I just reread Becky's version of what the no blow thing means. At least that's how I read it.
    I'm laughing over Ava's expression. So devious like, "Yes, I have this younger brother under my spell and I will get all of my siblings to do whatever I want whenever I want Mwa ha ha!"

  5. Came over from your sisters blog...glad I did. As a Canadian now living in New Zealand, I totally get what you mean. It seems to surreal (and totally gloat worthy) to be getting such warm weather while my buddies back home are freezing their butts off.

    I'm doing NaBloPoMo this month too. Let's do this!

  6. Thanks everybody! Today I was driving around thinking, "Did I really just committ to blog every day this month?" This is a busy month for us, but here goes!

    Hi Maggie! I know--it's in the genes, so why fight these things?

    Michele Renee--I know! Ava definitely rules the roost. :)

    Ginny and Mad Woman, looks like I'm in good company! :) MW, nice to meet someone from this hemisphere! We love going to NZ. Gorgeous! It's a scorcher here today--38 degrees outside right now.

  7. Yes, one "trillion" percent better :)! I'm tellin you, you could retire early. Just write one book. That'd do it for ya.

    And I felt the same way when we went to S. Africa last summer. It was BLAZING hot here and packing was really counter-intuitive..."will i really need this heavy northface?'s like 106 outside..." but I was grateful for every piece warmth (as there are NO indoor heating systems, just [useless] wall heaters...really I slept in a jacket).

    I thought Grace was eating something in that picture. It's just her expression...ha!

  8. Hi, I came from Becky's weblog.

    I want to tell you that of course I knew, too, that the seasons were reversed and etc, but it was not until an intersphere pal living in Australia that I realized that spring and fall are also at different times. I mean, duh, but you know? Also, same intersphere gal mentioned once that her kids had summer birthdays and she was glad for good weather, but Christmas was an interference. It took me days to get over that. Somehow a summertime Christmas (as opposed to, you know, a Los Angeles Christmas) is just so, like, I don't know.

    Those babies are pretty! Enjoy!

  9. While we are enjoying a gorgeous fall in the Smokies, you guys are sweltering. It is just not right! Thank goodness you have a pool to cool off in. That expression on Grace's face is priceless. Don't you wonder what's going on in her little brain ?

  10. Hi Elle! Thanks for coming by. :)
    Yeah, it is hard to get used to! In Ava's kindergarten class they were talking about the different seasons, and she came home with a picture she'd drawn that said, "I was born in November. I am a spring baby." Weird!