Sunday, November 29, 2009

Making Merry

Last night was our church's Christmas party. We find that we have to do them earlier in the season before everyone leaves on vacation! In Australia, everyone goes on holiday over December or has conflicting plans, so we squeezed it in early! It was a great time with some really fun people. We are lucky to be where we are!

I never know how to fix my hair, so I stuck some frangipani in it and hoped for the best!

Some of our folks during dinner...

Here we are, honoring some people who have worked tirelessly in the church.

After years of working in ministry together, we have perfected our stage act. He does back flips, I tap dance. He is the straight man, I throw the creamed pies. I have also been known to juggle. Ok, not really, but Jason actually can juggle and did during a sermon last year. I didn't know he could juggle until he started doing it in front of the church. I was like, "We have been together since we were 19 years old and I never knew you could do this." Sigh. Do we ever really know each other?

Here's Nate after a long night and lots of chocolate cake. He was so proud of his shirt and kept calling the tie his "ribbon". This is as dressed up as Nate gets.

(Ava had a great time too but I can't seem to really find a picture of her. She is elusive, like the wind.) After working all day yesterday to set up the party and then having the party, we had about 15 people over this afternoon for a barbecue. We are both a little zombieish at the moment. We are not the party people we once were, apparently. One late night and we have both been moving in slow motion all day. Of course, a baby waking in the night and a Nate waking up at 6:30am will do that to ya.

The countdown is on for our trip to America! It's like that Eddie Murphy movie.

Except I am not an African prince looking for a wife. And Jason is not Arsenio Hall. Okay, I guess if you wanna be picky it isn't really like that at all. Except that we're coming. To America? Never mind.

You guys have a lovely day. Keep it merry and bright. And let your soul glo!

(Anyone? Coming to America? Remember?)

I'll go now.


  1. Two things:
    1. I don't know what diet you are on, but in no way do you look like you gave birth recently! Hot momma!
    2. which part/s of America are you visiting?
    and a 3rd...I am so sad to be down to the final days of blogging every day in November! I have never resented December more.

  2. I'm laughing for real, I love that movie!

    You guys look great! And yes, you look amazing in that dress!

    Your soul does glo.

  3. Meg! We will be in NC some, will let you know the specific dates as soon as I do. Will be on the other side of the state, though. Would love to see you!

    As for the pics, I had to play with the size of one--the one of us with the microphones--so that it would fit on the blog layout. Since I don't really know what I'm doing, it ended up kind of elongated, so it makes us look thinner than we really are! A virtual skinny mirror. LOL if only I were 7 feet tall I'd have a killer figure!

  4. I love that movie! Yay for being able to go home to visit....but I'll get MORE excited when you announce you're going to be visiting NZ.

    You looks fabbo in that dress by the way!!

  5. Ok, you look fantastic!! Have a safe trip home--I know you guys are really looking forward to it. Wish we could see you, but I'm sure you will be no where near us. :(

  6. Don't you still owe me an email? I will not be brushed aside so easily! (Really, I'm terrible at taking a hint, so it's better to just be blunt with me.)

  7. LOL David! Sorry about that--we definitely wanna see you guys, so I promise I will email you tonight! (Which is your middle of the night. But whatever.)

  8. Of course Jason can juggle! What can he not do?

    You guys look amazing. We should have a dress up Christmas party when you come to visit! We can make all the guys where ribbons :)