Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yesterday, I went to turn on the TV for the kids to watch a dvd, and it wouldn't come on. So I kept pressing the button on the remote. And then I did that thing that you do when something doesn't work--I shook the remote and tapped it against my hip. I tapped the power button on the TV a few times. I think I even blew on it. Huh? Why do we do that? But it still wouldn't come on. So then I knew that I had to break the news to Jason.

"Honey? You better come in here. The TV won't come on." Jason had wanted a flatscreen TV for ages, and when we finally got one last year, he was so excited. We went to the store on the day after Christmas last year intending to get a new fridge--which we desperately needed, and we walked away with a new TV. Jase is usually pretty even-tempered, but man, was he excited about this TV. Seeing him so happy was worth not getting the fridge--but don't think I didn't play the martyr! That chance was too good to pass up!

So, as of this morning, this is what our living room looks like:

Doesn't that look a bit sad? The little TV is like the big TV's weird and embarassing cousin or something. They share a resemblance, but being around it just makes everyone uncomfortable. It buzzes and has a greenish hue. (Hmmm...I do have some extended family that fit that same description!) It seems to fit with the redneck vibe we have going right now. Although it would fit better with that genre if we had the TV that does work sitting on top of the TV that doesn't work. Oh well--something to work toward.

I didn't include the photo of Jason rending his garments and gnashing his teeth when he realized it wasn't working yesterday. Amazingly, though the TV actually broke while still under warranty. That is a first for us! His Iphone? Stopped working about two days after the warranty was expired. My phone? Started wigging out the month after the warranty was up. So, we're excited that the TV will actually get fixed.

Perhaps it's better this way. Jason is out tonight, and instead of me vegging in front of the TV, our neighbors came over to keep me company. I just love having neighbors that we actually know and like. This is not something to be taken for granted. They are about a week away from having a baby, woohoo! (Hi guys! Throw a rock at the window if you go into labor!)Now, I'm getting ready for a scripture class that I'm teaching at a local high school tomorrow. Few things are more intimidating than a roomful of teenagers--but more about that soon.

In the meantime, I have to go fulfill a promise to Nate. He was upset at bedtime tonight that Jason wasn't here to kiss him goodnight. I told him that Daddy would come in when he got home and check on him. "You're kidding me," Nate said. "No," I said. "We come in every night before we go to bed to kiss you and tuck you in." Nate tilted his head and looked at me. "I never hear the door open," he said, "And I have ears, you know!"

Lord, yes. Believe me, I know.


  1. As some of your extended famiy, I will remind you that my greenish hue brings out the color of my eyes!!! I love that fact that Nate "has ears you know" -- that boy! He is too funny for words. Hope your TV gets fixed soon and love love love reading your posts every day. You are so funny. Hugs to ya.

  2. Whenever my hubby and I have a meeting in the evening, we always tell the girls we'll come in the give them a kiss when we come home, too. It seems to make them feel better!

  3. Very cute post! I think my boys still like knowing that I look at them at night when I go to bed. I was doing this the other night to my 6th grader who was on his back and he woke up and started practically screaming because I startled him so. I felt so bad.
    Oh and the broken TV.....I wouldn't have even tried. I have no patience for all those remotes. Good deal on getting the warranty and the timing--hope it gets fixed soon!

  4. Oh my goodness Amy, I'm hyperventilating at the idea of a broken television. You're handling it much better than I would. And I'm laughing so hard at "being around it just makes everyone uncomfortable." Hilarious!

    Nate is pure comedy... Iris still says "You're kidding me" every morning when I come to get her out of bed. Where do they get this stuff? Oh, wait...

  5. Oh no! I really AM uncomfortable just seeing the two TV's together. It's, like, wrong! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Before I got to the paragraph about Jason rending his garments, I thought, "Oh, Jason is not going to be stoked about this."

    And Nate is so adorable. I am glad he's keeping you honest. I mean, he has ears you know.

  6. "You're kidding me" That is one of those hard-to-keep-a-straight-face moments. ha!

    I have a mini-panic attack myself if I don't get my kissandahug before the kids go to bed.

  7. I think I might have had a full on meltdown if my tv broke. Thank goodness for warranties that are still in effect!!

    That picture is kind of sad though!