Friday, November 27, 2009

Kid's Eye View

The other night Ava and Nate took turns taking pictures while we were all hanging out outside. It makes me laugh to see what they took pictures of. And also, to see ourselves from the vantage point that they usually have of us.

It's easy to forget what it's like being a little person.

They love taking pictures of themselves. Especially Ava. She loves having her picture taken. She gets that from me, I admit. My parents have always said, "Amy always knows where the camera is!" That, even as a little girl--in group photos and solitary shots, I would always look straight into the lens and smile. All the other kids in the photo would be doing something else, looking elsewhere but me. So I guess Ava comes by it honestly. And don't tell anyone, but I still take photos of myself from time to time. What?

Ava took this next one of Nate when he wanted her to give him the camera. She was refusing in that infuriating way that only older siblings can do. Jason and I saw this picture afterward and just died laughing.

Bless him--look how frustrated he is! Do you remember that kind of impotent rage you'd feel as a kid sometimes? Like, this is so unfair!! And instead of being sensitive to his needs she does what any big sister would--she takes a picture of him. Mocking his pain! Like, "Who's got the camera now, huh?"

Of course, Nate responded in kind by taking a picture of Ava getting in trouble after said incident. Justice is served, eh, Nate? In your face, Ava!

Dads--if they're not protecting us from spiders, then they're bringin' the smackdown. It's a busy job.

Just another peaceful, harmonious evening on the homefront. We all roasted marshmallows and sang after these were taken.

Or maybe Nate just sneered at Ava a little more. Either way, it was a good evening.


  1. So funny! A picture can speak a thousand words can't it!

  2. I will first state that in am biased. Yet I still must say this is the best blog! You are amazing to do all you do and still have the energy and brain power at the end to be so darn witty. I am still amazed how funny you are even after all these years. Way to go babe keep it up! Also that blog about our friends Billy and Cheryl was soooo good!

  3. Amen Jason!

    These pictures are hilarious. They really tell a story!

  4. Oh so funny! So so funny! (and I don't think Nate is too camera shy either, just offers a silly face instead of a smile;)