Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Chronicles of Bun-ia

We are home from what I am sure must be the longest ballet concert in the history of humankind. As it was beginning, I sent out a text message to my dad and sister, as if it was my last communique before entering radio silence. "Ava's recital about to start. Meant to be about 4 hours long!! May God help us all." Then, I went on the dark side of the moon, and my family waited eagerly by the shortwave, praying for news. It was a long wait.

But actually, the concert was really nice. I tell ya, these youngsters today are quite talented! All their modern beats are very catchy. Ava danced beautifully, of course, and was obviously the best one there. Oh! And my bun-crafting skills? Well, it turned out pretty good, I think.

Now, current bun philosophy holds that ballet buns ought to be flatter. But I like to fly in the face of convention and express my artistry. Thanks for your hair advice, y'all!

We weren't allowed to take photos during the concert cause they want you to buy the DVD, but here's the kids and me after. Jason brought Ava some flowers. One of my memories from my own brief balletic career was my dad bringing me a bouquet after a dance recital. It made me feel very grownup.

Nate has a charming new habit of sticking his tongue out for every picture. We are loving that.

I am off to bed. I have a headache from concentrated amounts of sequins, glitter hairspray and the 15 minute long Michael Jackson tribute at the end of the recital. I mean, I like MJ as much as anyone. But dear Lord, we've all just sat here for 3 1/2 hours. Let's start with the man in the mirror and wrap it up!


  1. She looks beautiful! And the bun is lovely too. She looks so proud holding her flowers. And Nate. . .well, this too shall pass.

    You know, the whole bun emphasis seems at odds with a concert where they do an MJ tribute to me. Like, I associate the classical ballet hair with more of a classical recital. But whatevs. I can't believe the show was that long. But thank goodness you all made it through.

  2. Amy - you make me laugh! Loving your daily posts btw! When u come to Dallas, you can enlighten me on the finerties of bun-ology. I better git practicin' for Kate's ballet recital in April if those buns are that challenging...especially cuz she has short hair with many layers...her hair needs to start growing quickly by then. That is classic Nate faces, right? Can you photoshop a more angelic expression in there? Love you lots!

  3. The bun looks great!! Congrats to Ava on her recital. So precious that Jason brought her flowers. I know she'll remember that forever!

  4. She looks lovely, and yes ... flowers can make them feel incredibly grown up! My dad gave Girl Spawn some on her 6th birthday and she was over the moon.

    Love the pic of you with the kids!

  5. Ava looks gorgeous!
    Can't wait till Rebekah's in under two weeks time:)