Thursday, October 28, 2010


We're heading out today for the weekend. We're having a weekend away with our church in Wollongong. Church camp, everybody! Woohoo! Like band camp, but no tubas. Here's Wollongong:

It's a beach town just an hour or so south of Sydney. Lovely. But please don't make the mistake I did when we first moved here and say, "Wall-un-gong". Even though that's what it looks like. Cause people will snicker at you, like they did at me. It's "Woo-lohn-gong". These wacky Australians. Also, Cairns is pronounced "Cans". What gives?

Anyway, Jason left last night with Ava and Nate--they were gonna camp out. Grace and I don't camp. So we stayed home and we're joining them this afternoon, after I teach my scripture class at the high school. It rained in Wollongong last night, so camping out didn't happen. This did instead:

Ha! Love that.

It's always crazy trying to get out of town, and Jason keeps texting me more stuff to bring. Bike Helmets, swim goggles, extension cords. I need to get out of here before he comes up with more stuff.

But this, my friends, I will be packing for sure:

The new Lee Child book is out! And just in time. I've blogged about Jack Reacher and his wild, justice-seeking ways before. They involve: stopping at nothing, broad shoulders, striding purposefully, and percolated coffee. Oh, and pure awesomeness. Becky has a great post up today about the books. Why haven't you been reading these? Your life is surely lacking as a result. I say this as your friend. Anyway, I'll try not to neglect the kids or our friends this weekend as I devour the book.

Enjoy the rest of your week! xoxo


  1. with both you and Becky singing this guy's praises I'm going to have to check him out.

  2. Wollongong ~ know it well. lol It's grown a bit since I was last there. The hang gliders like the cliffs along there ~ if the boys are interested. ☺

  3. Woohoo, I'm almost done with this new one. It's a nice addition to the Reacher canon.

    Enjoy Woollongong as though that's a real place. Actually I remember that we went there.

  4. You got me started on these books with your last blog. I've read (as I can find them at garage sales and used book stores): Killing Floor, Die Trying and am almost done with Bad Luck and Trouble (forgive the lack of italics- I'm on my iPhone and can't figure out how to do it). But anyway, I love these books! The raw, kick-butt, justice-seeking brawn pulls me in every time. Awesome recommendation.
    Y'all have fun on your weekend away. Can I come?

  5. Ooo! Killing Floor was a good one. I actually learned a lot in that one, about our currency and counterfeiting. I love how he goes into such detail, and then it's like, now back to butt-kickin!

    Glad you're enjoying them! :) It's a satisfying read.

  6. we enjoyed "Wall un gong" with you:)
    btw, "the gong" is much easier don't you think? :)
    Becky, Rebekah(my dd) was talking about your lovely kids today and how she visited Kiama with them last year and oh, she was thoroughly impressed that Laura also liked "cyber girl":)

  7. Okay, I'm gonna have to start reading Reacher. I totally trust you and Becky this way. Does it matter which one I start with? Should I go chronologically?