Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Birthday, a Frozen Cake, and an Epidemic: Just a Regular ol' Tuesday!

Today our Nate is five!

Somehow, someone replaced my little baby with a big boy who has, like, opinions and stuff. This is what he wanted to wear for church on Sunday. Nate is equal parts barbarian, comedian, nudist, and sweetie pie. Little boys are just about the best thing ever.

Nate was born just three months after we moved here. When I look at him it's hard for me to believe--both that he is turning 5 and that we have been here more than 5 years! I posted some about his birth here, and here is how I know he is our first true-blue Aussie: he hates wearing shoes, he loves hot chips, and he likes to party. (See first paragraph re: nudity.)

Speaking of parties, we've had to postpone Nate's birthday party for a week. I wasn't planning a big bash, just a few friends to come over and eat cake and shoot silly string at each other. But Ava developed a wicked cough over the weekend, which may or may not be whooping cough. There's something of an epidemic in Northern Sydney, so I took her to be tested today. The doctor advised, and I agreed, that we probably shouldn't have 7 kids over when whooping cough might be present. Like, "Hey kids! Forget candy--for your party favors this year, you get an infectious disease!"

Don't worry...for a healthy child Ava's age, whooping cough isn't dangerous--just very contagious. If she has it at all, she'll need to be kept away from other kids till she's been on the antibiotics a few days. Grace is also coughing a bit so we had her tested as well, just as a precaution. But we are all fine.

My main concern at this particular moment is how to freeze a frosted sheet cake. I'd already baked and decorated Nate's cake last night, and there's no way I'm baking another for next week! Here's my plan: put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes to harden the icing, wrap it in something (foil?), put it in a covered metal tin, then stick it in the freezer. What do you think? Anyone tried this?

So wish me luck y'all. I'll let you know how all that works out. And prayers, crossed fingers, and pixie dust, please--that Ava and Grace are free from whooping cough. Thanks! xoxo


  1. I meant to ask you about Nate's clothes on Sunday:) He looked dashing!
    Happy birthday Nate and praying for your girls to get better soon!

  2. That picture is so cute! Seriously, like a children's clothes model. Hope everyone fares well with the cough. I can relate to having to postpone a son's b-day....but the spin on it is he gets to prolong the celebrating.

  3. I think the cake should do well as you described, but what I really wanted to say is this....your phone is going to be ringin' off the hook when Nate gets a little older. All the little girls around will be calling!

  4. I showed this pic to Hank and he said, "Awesome."

    I hope everybody is feeling better.

    I cannot believe that kid is five. Cannot.

  5. I love that picture.

    Do your kids have an Aussie accent? I was just thinking about that, and thinking that maybe they might.

    I think that is a good plan on the cake. Can't wait to see pictures of it.

    Happiest of birthdays to your little man, and I hope your girls are well soon

  6. His outfit is awesome. I'm lovin that you're allowing him to dress himself. I really think it's how kids express themselves. I love it!

    Praying the girls get better...sending a big hug.