Monday, October 4, 2010


This is but a small portion of my current domestic state.
The kids wrought havoc on our Guess Who Game. So, now Bernhard and Maria and Philip are strewn all over the carpet. And poor Alfred--God only knows where he is by now. Grace likes pulling books off our shelves. A spiky dinosaur waits there for me to step on him in my bare feet. That sensation is only slightly less worse than the pinnacle of toy-related foot injuries: the midnight Lego crossing. Oh, the agony.

And, moving into the kitchen, my crumb-encrusted table.

The kitchen table seems to be the perfect place for Nate's swimming goggles and broken sword. And left over foil from Ava's fairy tiara.

This is the definition of a mommyblog, isn't it? Talking about how the house is a mess? I am the stereotype, aren't I? I texted Becky the other day after my shoe post--something like, "I can't believe I just posted about shoes." And she wrote back, "A momblogger saying that is like Paul saying, 'I can't believe I just wrote about Jesus!'" Well, there is that.

I am not sure that any of it is getting cleaned up today! Remember that Monday Malaise that I told you about before? The kind of emotional and physical tiredness that sets in for pastors after a weekend? Well, I'm feeling it today. It's all good, nothing is wrong or anything. I'm just so very not motivated to organize, clean or straighten.

Plus, I felt kind of sick all weekend--there's a tummybug going around. I woke up very early Saturday morning with Grace. As I was making her bottle, my stomach started to cramp. Then it got worse as I gave her her bottle. Then it got worse. And by "worse", I mean worse. I stumbled with her into our playroom and lay on the floor. And you know how pain can make you irrational? The cramping felt enough like labor pains that I actually thought to myself, "Wait--I can't be in labor right now...can I?" Like I wasn't sure! I actually had to tell myself that no, there was no way I could have been pregnant for the previous 9 months and not known it. (Y'know, ya hear those stories!) I went back to bed for a few hours and really feel fine now. So yeah, that probably contributes to me not wanting to clean today. But at least for now I know right where Nate's swimming goggles are!

I'm thinking about chocolate cake, though, as a healthy alternative to housework. That could be just the ticket. This is a really nice recipe. To have in moderation of course. Ahem.

Hope y'all had a great, less-weird weekend!

P.S. I know what you're thinking, especially cause I mentioned chocolate cake cravings. No, I'm not pregnant. Really. Yes, I'm sure.


  1. Wait, are you pregnant?

    I'm sorry to hear about your bug! I hope your malaise is lifting. No one will be harmed by the clutter in the meantime. xoxo

  2. I know what you mean about Mondays though for me sometimes Sundays have the opposite effect too, so I'm often either tired and un-motivated or energetic and rearing to go, who knows why, I dunno:)

  3. We have such similar housekeeping styles we should totally be BFFs. My hair is too short to braid, but you could probably make it spiky.

    And now I think you are pregnant. Let Mat DU Bump Watch 2010 begin!

  4. I am so sorry you were sick! My first thought was,"maybe she's pregnant" too. As for the clutter, it doesn't look that bad. At least you know where those goggles are and like Scarlet said,"Tomorrow's another day."

  5. The condition of your house looks kinda like the condition of my house only your table is nicer. And I wasn't sick. Do I have table envy from all the way across the world? Yes I do. And I think if you made it through the Snackless Son days imposed by your husband, you deserve a triple-decker chocolate cake. With chocolate icing.

  6. CHM, that table was a freebie when we moved here--it's quite beat up, actually, but Jason and I (read:Jason) re-stained it a few months ago. Made an amazing difference! Now I just need to do something about our chairs...

  7. Dang, I had this same malaise here. I blamed the weather (rain). Cause I had no stomach thing to blame. And the state of your house makes me feel less bad about the state of my house. But I think mine is worse. Errr.

  8. Amy, I told you not to take pictures of my house when you came over that one time. Thanks for posting them online.