Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Somebody Stop Me...

...From reading this book incessantly.

Dost thou know of the character Jack Reacher? This is pure, escapist, fun, kick-butt fiction. My sister first introduced Jason and I to Lee Child's books a few years back, and we are hooked. I figured it was okay to read them--seeing as how Becky's a literary GENIUS at all. I mean, anyone who reads 18th century French novels must know somethin' about books, right? Anyway, Gone Tomorrow is the newest installment, and I am loving it! Jack Reacher is so competent, so capable, so willing to open a can when a can needs to be opened, that it's a totally cathartic read! Like, why don't I know how to head-butt someone? Why can't I look at a city map and use my deductive skills to guess which seedy motel the bad guys are hiding in? Who needs pasty vampire boys when you can read about that? Anyway, I've been spending too much time reading it lately!

...From being a pack rat! I promise, I don't keep stuff out of fear of lack or sentimentality, mostly it's just plain laziness! I guess I'm in my "nesting" phase now, much to Jason's amusement. Yesterday and today, I've cleaned out the kids' closets, and our linen closet--AKA "The Place Where Old Baby and Maternity Clothes Go To Die." I was gonna take a picture to show y'all how much stuff I gave away, but I'm embarrassed to. Too. Much. Stuff. As my uncle Johnny would say, I don't need another cotton-pickin' thing. I am hereby placing an embargo on all incoming merchandise. Especially given the need in the world, I couldn't believe how much clothes were hidden away in there! Like, how many onesies did one baby boy need? Apparently, 837. Phew!

...From eating chocolate frosting out of the can! I know--shameful. I had several spoons' worth out of the can yesterday while the kids were napping. That, I believe, is just one level above spraying whipped cream directly into your mouth. Which I probably woulda done, if we'd had any. I know!! Then, that evening, Jason was cleaning out the fridge, and said, "Hey--should we just throw this frosting out? We don't need it for anything." And I was all, "Oh wow--yeah, I forgot that was in there." How stereotypical is that?? Have I become a caricature of myself? But, dang, y'all...it was goooood.

It's still calling my name...

Well, there you have my last two days. A closet-cleaning, chocolate frosting out-the-can eating, thriller reading girl. I mean, I been doin' other stuff. But those are the highlights. (Life is pretty nice.)


  1. Waaaah! I need my Reeeeacher! I hope he's not old and in the nursing home in this one!

    "Reacher stared at his tray. Salisbury steak again? In one motion, he broke the orderly's wrist, using his other hand to smash the bedpan against the man's temple. The human head can resist a hard strike, but Reacher figured the guy's vision would be blurry for a week. Reacher struggled to pull his robe over his knees as he wheeled himself into the hallway, headed for freedom, but first for the Widow Jenkins's room."

  2. I so totally feel your pain on closets that contain clothes from the pliestocene era ! But on our side of the pond consumers are being told to go out and spend to boost the economy. So, who knows what a body should do?! Now about that frosting- been there, done that. I was always a devotee of hot fudge sundays while pregnant. I guess chocolate in any form boosts those endorphins.

  3. Ooh, I didn't know a new Reacher book was out! Hurray! Off to put it on hold at my local library...

  4. Sounds like you've had a good couple of days. A good read, a good old clear out and some chocolate frosting to eat - yum yum. I'm with you on that (and the spray cream!).

  5. I'm hoping Child got all the suckage out of his system with the last two books and is back in form. Your friend Becky's paragraph is better than all of Nothing to Lose.

  6. Thanks Friar! And amen, Nothing to Lose totally suuucked. I think my overall fave is still The Enemy, though I like a couple of the others a lot too.

  7. Well, I just finished it yesterday. Has some good twists in it for sure. It is definitely better than Nothing to Lose, but wasn't my fave. The Enemy is probably my favorite as well. Still, definitely worth reading!

    And Friar--you're right! No one does faux Reacher like Becky. I should get her to post her description of Reacher going to Target. Hilarious!

  8. From my own observations, I will let you in on a little-known fact: onesies have sex. And procreate.