Monday, November 1, 2010

What I miss

We did our version of Halloween Lite this year. The kids had a ball--"Mom! I have 17 pieces of candy!!" Ava crowed on our walk home. Lord bless her, I used to think that if you still didn't have Halloween candy at Easter, you needed to add more houses next year. But this version of trick-or-treating works for me!

This house (pictured) was the only one we went to with carved jack-o-lanterns. As my neighbors and I stood on the driveway watching the kids, I chuckled. "That's 50 bucks worth of pumpkin right there." Maybe they'll find a way to work it into their everyday decor.

So that's that! It was nice. But I was reminded of what I always miss this time of year: candy corn.
How I love candy corn. Like regular corn, but awesomer. As a kid, and then for more years than I'd like to admit beyond, I'd eat it by the handful(s). Candy corn is pure in its mind-numbing, tooth-endangering sweetness. It's simple and unpretentious. Take all your high falutin', uppity candies and give me candy corn any day.

You can't get it here...but I have hopes!

Did you get candy corn this year? Would you tell me about it? Was it the traditional corn style or the tiny pumpkin variety? Was it wonderful?


  1. Ok, so you got me... never even heard of candy corn!!! That will be the English in me.... It must be an American thing - you used 'torch' in place of 'flashlight' today... your American-ness must be diminishing!!! Y'all . Awesome ;-)

  2. I've seen that candy corn in a specialty lolly shop here in Aus years ago, tried it & liked it but haven't seen it since. Our 13yo 'trick or treated' this year with quite good success. Halloween is catching on!

  3. We got the Autumn Mix, with candy corn, candy Indian corn, and mellowcreme pumpkins. Yum.

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Yes, we have a little bowl of the tiny pumpkins in our living room, and yes, they're just as good as you remember. I like to eat candy corn mixed with peanuts. It's like a handful of Baby Ruth but better.

  5. Oh...candy corn. Drool. I didn't get a single "kernel" this year. I always preferred the corn version better than the pumpkins. Somehow, the sleek, aerodynamic shape of the kernel helped it reach more nooks and crannies in the mouth, contributing to faster tooth decay. I'm all about efficiency.

  6. No candy corn here, either, but I appreciate it like you do. I actually saw a super cute tutorial for a felt candy corn barrette; I might have to make one for you.