Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuff to do when you're quarantined. (If you're 5.)

It's been a quiet few days around here. And though I would've never wished for it, it's actually been nice to be at home and catch up on some things I've been neglecting. Usually, our week is full of kid activities, church activities and meetings, and school stuff that many days, I just do the basics around the house. But the past few days, I've been catching up on laundry! And mopping! And organizing! It feels good. Nate's last day of quarantine is tomorrow, and Ava was back to school yesterday.

The kids have done pretty well with being home so much, although I know they miss their friends. Here are some things we've done to keep them entertained over the past few days...

1. Kids' Songs on You Tube.
Grace doesn't sit still long to watch TV, but she loves watching stuff on our laptop! All three kids sat the other morning and watched--in perfect, descending height order too! (Told you I've been organizing!) Here's some cute ones I'd recommend to entertain your young child:
--The Elephant Song, by Eric Herman. Very cute little song with illustrations.
--Little Red. This is a song/cartoon about a race horse. Ava loves this one.
--The Duck Song(s). Here's Part One, Part Two, Part Three. These are silly songs about a duck looking for grapes. I know that sounds weird, but you just have to see it for yourself.

2. Enjoying Nature/Screaming at Birds

Our once-neglected bird feeder is now the hottest spot in town. Yeah baby, cockatoos flying in from all over town to hit that. Nate can't help himself...when he sees one outside at the feeder, he creeps outside and gets as close as he can. Then he yells at the top of his lungs. Then he laughs while the bird flies away, screeching. I told him that cockatoos are pretty big and that he better be careful. He might make them mad. Yet, he is undeterred.

3. Staying in your jammies

The kids have really enjoyed the laid back life of quarantine. When no one wants to come over to your house and people run screaming from your wheezing cough, why get dressed? Ava was pretty bummed to have to put on her uniform and go back to school yesterday. We've enjoyed relaxing a little more. Hey, ya gotta make the most of these situations.

4. Water balloons.
My friends, because I love you, I have just given you a piece of childcare GOLD. Why hadn't I thought of this sooner? Water balloons are the answer! The answer!! We'd bought these for Nate's ill-fated birthday party and got them out yesterday. The kids had so much fun throwing them off our balcony to the driveway below. After dinner, we went in the backyard and threw them at each other. Then this morning, Nate was throwing more onto the driveway. This, combined with a few cans of silly string from the dollar store have been the highlights of the week.

And it reminded me of how fun that stuff is. When was the last time you used up a whole can of silly string or chucked a water balloon? It was liberating.

And that is how we're surviving around here, along with the usual suspects: Lego tower building, DVD watching, and mess making. You know you've been home a long time when the kids fight over who "gets to" go get the mail. Wild times over here.

So after tomorrow, we're back in the swing of things. That's good news. Even better news? The doctor informs me that all three kids will likely have this cough for three months. That just made my day. Cause I was really hoping to get more dirty looks at the grocery store.


  1. Nate is too charming (and cheeky). Way too adorable.

    Taking notes...water ballons...silly string. Check. Check.

  2. :) I just blogged this morning about what we've been up to during our quarantine as well:)
    three months! I hope it's not whooping cough she's got!!! I'll find out tomorrow - no news will be good news, coz they'll ring me if it is "that":)

  3. I should keep water balloons around, just in case we need them.

  4. Quarantine sounds nice! If I fly down there right now, do you think I could still catch it?

  5. It does sound like a nice retreat from the world! I hope everyone is back in health by now.

  6. I love the picture of the kids in front of the computer! I can imagine how much Nate loves water balloons. It's perfect for a little boy. Poor Ava, having to go back to school. She was having too much fun at home.