Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting ready

This morning I took Nate to kindergarten orientation. For those of you in other parts of the world, our school year begins at the end of January. So, about this time, schools hold events for the next year's kindergarten students to come check it out. The kids play while the teachers observe, and the principal talks to the parents.

Nate kept telling me he was "embarrassed to go", but I think he meant "nervous". Sometimes there's not much difference between the two, I guess. Once we entered the classroom though, he pointed at some construction toys and said, "Look! We have those at preschool! Bye, Mom."

Well, okay then. It's bittersweet, but also an extraordinary relief when your kid can separate from you without too much stress or anxiety. Makes me feel like we've done something right. Of course, earlier that morning while Nate and I were dropping Ava off at her class, he found a rock the size of his head, picked it up, and was poised to throw it. So, maybe a need for improvement there.

After the program, there were cupcakes with each child's name on them, balloons in the school colors, and rainbow popcorn. Maybe kindergarten won't be so bad after all.

This is one of those moments in parenting where you marvel: how do the years speed by when many of the days seem so long? Speaking of bittersweet.

I think I need a cupcake.


  1. Oh man, I need one too! I can't stand how sweet he is, telling you he was embarrassed to go! So he had a good time?

  2. He did! I think he originally thought he'd have to do things he didn't know how to do, but once he saw it was fun stuff, he was excited. He's a funny little guy.

  3. I remember when he was born, yes it's gone too fast!
    hope you had your cupcake:)
    btw Rebekah used to say "embarassed" for "nervous" too when she was younger:)

  4. Nate in school? It cannot be that he is old enough for that!! My goodness! He is such a sweetheart, I just want to hug him right now.

  5. The time sure does fly by! I was just thinking about Maggie in preschool wearing a pumpkin costume in the "Fall Parade." She was so little. Now she's taller than me and we're discussing which college she will attend. How did I arrive at this moment!?! Amy, Nate is just precious! You are doing a fabulous job! Enjoy this time...won't be long before it's Gracie's turn.

  6. You blinked, didn't you? That's what happen when you blink. You blink and they're suddenly school-aged. Sigh.

    Any school that has cupcakes is all right by me, though.

  7. He is just too adorable. That face.

    And this school is private yes? I've never heard of such a welcoming committee.

  8. Thanks, Crystal! Nope, it's our local public school. Great group of parents that put all that together.