Saturday, October 2, 2010

"What Springtime Means to Me", by Amy

Well for one thing, it means that I finally get to wear these shoes!
Peeptoe+Bright Plaid+Rope Wedges=Instant Glee

I bought these at Target when I was in Atlanta last April. Of course, when I returned to Sydney winter was just beginning. So my new shoes had no choice but to languish in my closet, still tied together with that little elastic band. (Klassy, I know.)

And whenever I'd go to get my Uggs out, or my boots, or my running shoes, these new shoes would look hopefully up at me. Sort of like this:
"Not much longer now, my darlings," I'd whisper to them.

Last Sunday, I decided that The Time Had Come. I wore them to church and felt very sassy. After the service, one of the girls came up to me and exclaimed, "I couldn't stop staring at your shoes!" And I was like, "I know! Aren't they adorable??" And then we brushed each other's hair.

I'm sure some of you are chuckling at me just a little bit. Maybe you're not a shoe person? But I'm sure you have something that gives you a little dose of joy when you use it, cook with it, read it, or drive it. It's the little things, you know?

And that's what springtime means to me. Thank you for listening.


  1. Well as I'm no shoe person I didn't even notice, so sorry to disappoint you in this:( But they do look gorgeous I must say!

  2. I remember those little honeys!

    Glad to see them.

    And I'm impressed at your pic of them, because I know how hard it is to photograph one's own feet.

  3. Nice pedi, Amy ! And you are totally cool in the madras wedges. Gotta love that spring, huh? We are loving our fall at the same time. Go figure.

  4. Just today I was lamenting the fact that since it is finally cooler in KS I have to start wearing SOCKS all
    the time. What a bummer. And then here are your cute toes promising months of sock free joy, all to add to my dismay. Not that I would ever wear those shoes. But they do make you feet look quite happy. I will have to console myself with my closet full of stylish jackets that have been waiting to see the light of day.

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  6. So are we to blame your springtime post for the rapid exit of spring and catapulting us back into winter?! Its freezing today, and we have just had to light the fire!! I hold you and your cute shoes completely responsible ;-)

    I posted a previous comment but there were too many typos!

  7. I do think that the pedi brings the shoe look all together. They are awesome shoes. I got a pair on sale this summer at Banana Republic in a kind of animal print for something ridiculous like $9.00. That's the kind of bargain you can find if you wear a size 9 1/2 and it's the end of the season.

    But honestly, yours are cuter. :-)

  8. Keep it cute, Amy! We're entering boot and jeans weather up in DC and I am very sad.

  9. omg, I HATE waiting to be able to wear new things. Shoes or otherwise.