Friday, October 8, 2010


Here are a few living things that visited us in the last two days! What am I, Snow White or something? I will add, however, that none of them helped with any housework. Maybe I should sing more?

Lovely Rainbow Lorikeets. We had probably half a dozen perched on our balcony. Nate and Ava were so excited. You can see the bread there that they put out to try and keep them there longer. Can you believe how intensely colored they are? So pretty.

This one seemed a little mad at me. This was taken without a zoom lens, so I was just standing there right in front of him. He was kinda rocking back and forth and clicking his tongue. Is that lorikeet for "Step off, human!"? Who knows?

Okay, now for the slightly creepy ones.

Sorry for the picture quality! I wasn't quite as willing to get close to this one. This is a green snake that Jason spotted on our driveway day before yesterday. We have a garage that we use for storage (as in, it doesn't lead directly to the house and we don't park the car in it) and Jason saw it about to go in there. Yikes! He caught it, being the mensch that he is. I looked it up on my phone and we determined that it was probably a Green Tree Snake. (It's hard to tell from the photo, but the snake was a pretty vivid green color.) This snake, the internets assured us, was non-venomous. So, Jason took it to the bushland across the street and let it go. If you love something let it go, and all that.

Have I mentioned that Australia is home to more venomous snakes than any other place in the world? That was the first thing my Dad said to me when I told him we were moving to Sydney. Well, actually the first thing he said was, "Damn!" But then he told me about the snakes. I've been told they're pretty nice once you get to know them.

And ya know, this is the first snake we've seen near our house in over 5 years of living here. My neighbor came out on her balcony while all this snake catching was going on. We grimaced a little at the snake, and she asked me, "So, would you be more upset to find a snake or a rat in your house?" "A rat," I answered with no hesitation. Don't get me wrong--a snake would freak me out to no end, but y'all know how I am about rats. I know that's irrational. Aren't we humans mixed-up creatures? I like to think it's charming. (Is it?)

And then yesterday, we spotted this guy on the driveway.

I know! What's with all the animals? I think the warmer weather is causing everyone to come out. I'm not sure what kind of lizard this is, but I do know they're pretty common. I see them skittering around from time to time. They keep to themselves though, which is fine by me. They're a bit skittish, but I wanted to get you a better shot. Do you see how I have your best interests at heart? Here's a shot Jason took of me trying to get a closeup:
Grace insisted on coming along. As bait. Oh come on, I'm kidding. And yes, Jason took a picture of me taking a picture of something. Internet, we only thought of you. But here's the money shot, yo:
He's probably about a foot long, from head to tail. He skittered off right after I took this, I think cause Grace growled at him. No, really. She growls at any animal she sees right now--birds, cats, dogs. And now lizards. Really knowing Grace, are we surprised? She'll cut you.

So that's what's been happening here. Jason and I defending our home and children from all manner of critters. Ah, the wilds of suburban Sydney.


  1. Those birds are unreal! In fact, all the wild birds in Oz are. And those lizards look like they are on steroids too. I can't wait to hear Grace growl in a few days. It's gonna be soon!

  2. Oh I'd take the snake anyday!

    And those birds are the best. So pretty!

    Also, I took the fact that Jase was taking a pic of you stalking the lizard to mean that he was scared of the lizard. Is this true?

  3. Totally. He cried like a little girl.

    Ha! No, though that mental image makes me laugh. We were both up on our balcony and then I decided I wanted a close-up shot so I went downstairs.

    You know Jason'll eat lizards like that for breakfast!

  4. Cool! The only wild life we get here are squirrels, raccoons and gangbangers.

  5. yes the wild critters of Sydney eh, it's living up to it's name that's for sure:)
    you never want to have a brown snake visit you though - which I have had once in my front yard!!!

  6. Just the photo of that snake made me shudder.

  7. You live in Australia. Wow. We have rats over here and that's the only similar thing.

  8. I don't know what I love more, that you have all those critters or this post. Oh, who am I kidding, it's totally the post.

    It will please you to know that something's being killed in our yard nearly every night, and I'm proposing the theory that it's rats. And the predator is an owl. Just a theory, you know.

  9. That is probably the ONLY non-venomous snake in Australia. (I don't mean the breed. I mean THAT SNAKE.)

    I love Australia's birds they're loud.

  10. Mensch?
    What is a mensch? please explain to this aussie mum.
    Enjoy your blog, found via 'Unmom'

  11. @Jo, a "mensch" is a Yiddish (?) word for a really good guy.