Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday, 6:20pm

Witness the carnage.

This is what happens when Jason is out at a meeting and I am making dinner while the kids are roaming free. See the cricket bat on the floor, upper left hand corner? What, don't you slip and slide on a plastic cricket bat while you're rushing around straining the angel hair pasta? That was a moment.

Groceries I'd yet to put away and dirty dishes.

Here's is my half-finished preparation for the Scripture class I'm teaching at a high school tomorrow. Those open books scream, "Amy is searching for ideas!"

Here's our "Craft Corner", otherwise known as the "Mom better save every slip of paper we write on or tears will flow" corner. Nate went a little postal on it tonight while my back was turned. When I saw the mess, my reaction was measured, calm and totally rational.

Ava's homework for the week...mostly done. I couldn't spell those words in 1st grade!

And while I was taking these pictures, Grace pulled up to stand at the coffee table, slipped and conked herself on the noggin. So not only am I messy, I am inattentive as well. But really, I was taking these photos for you. So in a way, don't you think you should accept some of the responsibility? It's okay. Accidents happen.

Then some other things happened. Nate kept calling us "booty" again and again and had to go in Time Out. Grace had a little bump on her baby forehead. I felt guilty about that. The pasta was clumpy. Ava's Barbie and the Diamond Castle DVD kept skipping. And I turned into the Wicked Witch of Down Under. Then Jason came home, I sniped at him for no reason, and he cleaned the kitchen.

He is way better than I deserve.

What's your house look like on a weekday evening?

P.S. Thanks to all of you lovelies who have sent prayers and good wishes for Becky. It really means a great deal. Really. We'll be posting an update very soon. xoxo


  1. My house on a weekday evening? Is unlikely to ever undergo photographic documentation.

    Love the stack of books, seeking inspiration. Been there, done that!

  2. Your pictures show a home filled with creativity, love, kids, kids, kids. I really miss those days. BTW, as I was reading this I overheard on our local news that we, here in Denver, are getting our very own IKEA!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

  3. I almost spit out my coffee laughing over the cricket bat comment. Poor Grace and the forehead bump. I think it's part of learning to hang with the sis and bro.
    Our house and kitchen looks the same. But I am usually snapping at the boys to help set the table or something cuz I can't do it ALL!!

  4. Talk about multi-tasking! A mom with three young children could teach a course about it, I know. I can picture you trying to cook dinner amidst all those goings-on. It's fun! And poor little Grace-growing up so fast! I cannot imagine her getting so big now. Bless Jason's heart for getting in there and cleaning up. Awww.

  5. If you think that's messy, don't ever show up at my house on a bad day!

    Jude's 1st Grade class is on "AR" words this week, like "apartment" and "barbecue". I swear I was still on "See Jane Run" at this age.

  6. I know I keep telling myself that Rebekah will grow up one day and I'll be looking back with fondness at these messy but fun times:)

  7. Okay, the only thing that's really stressing me out about this is those open books! Stacked open like that! You're hurting them!

    Jason is a mensch.

  8. Will you come teach a class here? With all the research you seem to be doing, judging by that stack of books, you must be pretty good! :)

    My house looks like, worse...on a daily basis.

  9. My house is an unending mess! And my darling Lily has discovered that I've been throwing away her creations after a suitable waiting period, and has begun plucking them out of the garbage! Coffee grounds and all! Such is the life of a mom....

  10. I got the best cartoon sound effects in my mind when I pictured you slipping on the cricket bat.

    Why is it so easy to appreciate the beautiful chaos of a child-filled household when it's someone else's chaos?

    I take the opportunity of an empty pizza box to sneak out all that dang artwork. Ya, I feel bad about it, but it's like a fungus taking over the house sometimes!

    You and Jason are such a great team.

    Word verification: calm it

  11. wow, who knew reading a blog was such a responsibility. Tell Grace I'm sorry.

    Nice one, Jason.