Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm feeling a little robotic, myself.

When Nate dons his Optimus Prime costume, everything changes. He speaks in a monotone robot voice, he must be called "Transformer" at all times, and he walks around stiff-legged. (He doesn't really know the whole Transformer mythology, so to him, it's just a cool robot. Whatevs.)

He can do this for much longer and with much greater attention span than one would expect in a four year old. Expect or want, really.

Grace, bless her, was totally distracted from her breakfast by Nate and his get-up. Who wouldn't be, I suppose. This situation gave rise to another one of those I never thought I'd hear myself say that moments. "Transformer, please play the ukulele somewhere else so your sister will eat."

Not as good as, "Let's all keep our bottoms in our underwear--where they belong!", or Ava's "C'mon! Get your nuts out!", but memorable nonetheless. Either one is a good motto for life, don't ya think? Maybe I'll make some T-shirts.

My good friend Rosemary (Hi, Rosemary!), who's been keeping up with all the latest happenings, asked me tonight after church if I was tired. "Oh, a little, I guess," I said, "I'm always tired at this time of day." She said I looked more tired than usual. (Note to self: wear more eyeliner.) She's probably right. It's kind of been a long week. Becky's surgery is this Tuesday and there has been much emailing and texting and praying and talking on the phone and sympathetic snacking. With a good amount of emotional energy expended on those things, I've found that my reserves for the other areas of my life are dwindling. The myriad of people and ministry issues that arise in the average week for a pastor have been more draining than they normally would be.

But really? I've got it pretty stinkin' good.

Have a great day everybody--and remember to keep those bottoms in their underwear, where they belong!


  1. Love it! I showed Hank the third picture down, and he knew EXACTLY which Transformer Nate was!

  2. Your kids are awesome, I love hearing what they have to say! I'm sorry you are tired; hope this week brings less madness in the world in general and the best news possible on the Becky front! xo

  3. oops! :)
    I just wanted to check that you were ok as you and your family here and in the US have been in my thoughts and prayers:)
    let me know about our offer....

  4. Your kids are so gorgeous! And little Grace is getting so big--look at that hair. Gavin is jealous. We will be praying for Becky (and you!) on Tuesday.

  5. I'm glad you're doing ok, albeit a little tired. If nothing else, the little Transformer will keep you on your toes.

  6. Thanks y'all. And yes, Nate is always at the ready to provide comic relief--or at least distraction!