Friday, March 19, 2010


You know, if you'd told me a couple of weeks ago that I'd be on the phone discussing my sister's upcoming surgery and treatment while simultaneously spray painting Ava's hair purple, I wouldn't have believed you. Such a convergence of events. Life's rich tapestry, right?

Today was "mufti day"--which means that the kids go to school and can wear normal clothes (not their uniform). My dad informed me that "mufti" is a term used to refer to military officers who were out of uniform. I have no idea how he knows that kind of stuff. It's freaky sometimes. Heck, maybe he makes it up, but it sounded convincing at the time.

It was also crazy hair day at school, you see. Ava simply could not go to school with normal hair. However, I discovered there are limits to my crazy hair-making skills. Oh, I can make all other kinds of crazy. But hair? Braids and $2 purple hairspray is the best I can do.

We also had the Hawaiian-themed Disco at school this evening. Because who likes to party? We likes to party. Yes. we. do.

In other news, today I and all of Australia learned that President Obama is postponing his trip to Oz. It seems like there's some type of health care reform issue happening back in the States? Maybe you've heard about that. Anyway, I am kind of bummed that Michelle never called to let me know they weren't coming. I think we could really be besties if she just got to know me. (No, really.) Do you ever think that about famous people? And me all stocked up with extra Pepsi and Tim Tams. Oh well--next time, I'm sure.

(Speaking of Becky, the surgery has been scheduled for about a week and a half from now. Thank you for your prayers and sweetness! She is doing well. Read her blog for more info if you like--it is very real and witty and insightful and articulate and funny all at once. You know, much like what you've just read here.)


  1. Your dad and I had a discussion about the word mufti. He told me that Grandma told him about it. She read it in a book. Grandma was very well read and smart. I must admit that I had never heard the word until he and I talked. It is obvious I did not get Grandma's smarts!! BTW, Ava looks adorable. Also, I can so see you and Michelle being BFFs. Yall are such cool gals.

  2. The purple hair spray was a good idea! And she looks so cute in braids. Don't you just love that enthusiasm of hers? We really are down to the wire on HCR. I know your bummed about Michelle's postponed trip. But if they come in June, school will be out and Sasha and Malia can play with Ava and Nate. Yall can take them to Fagan Park and eat Tim Tams. Yummy!

  3. Is it 'moofti' or 'muffti?' Because I'll probably be using it in conversation all the time now?

    Really nice crazy hair. (I would know; I had to ask Mark if I looked like Weird Al this morning before I left for work. Not on purpose looking like Weird Al. He didn't even answer me. Hmmmmm....) We had Funny Slippers Day not too long ago.

    Thanks for the update on Becky. Still prayin'!

  4. Your dad is absolutely correct. I know this as the child of military parents and as someone who attended a military boarding school where Mufti day (pronounced Muff-Tee for those who were asking) was something we CRAVED.

    Love her hair!

    And I'm still reading your sister's blog...but I was before all this happened anyway :)

  5. waaaay too early in the morning. Just finished feeding the baby and can't sleep so I was putzing online and stopped by Crystal's blog, commented and saw your little face peeking out from the blog list. Thought I'd stop by here too to say hello.

    What a witty and insightful and articulate and funny way you have about you, Amy. You put a smile on my face.

    Yes, I do think about famous people. Mostly I think about how it must feel to be rich like some of them :)

  6. Nice work on the hair!

    Yeah, we do have this little health care thing going on in the States. Too bad that gets in the way of what's really important: the Obamas meeting and hanging with you guys. But delaine is right, if Obama goes to Oz in the summer, he can take the fam.

  7. "Heck, maybe he makes it up..." WHAT? Honey, the sheer tonnage of nearly useless stuff that I know would stagger an ox. I didn't dump it all on you as a child...I've still got enough to bore the grandchildren.

    If you need to think of something to entertain the Obamas, y'all could go geocaching. Don't forget that I left the Aussie compass on your bookself.

  8. Good points, guys. Plus, if they come in June it'll be winter here, which will be a nice change for them. And it'll be Grace's first birthday and I know Sasha and Malia wouldn't want to miss that.

    Mad Woman, Ava and her friends LOVE mufti days, too--it's always like a party atmosphere on those days. :)

    Shipra!! Hey, girl! It has been ages--I'm so glad you stopped by. I'll come visit you too, I need to see how many kids y'all have now!

    And Dad, no one, and I mean NO ONE disputes the vast amount of useless knowledge that you retain.