Thursday, March 4, 2010

Autumn Moons

The first day of March marked the first day of autumn for us. If you were listening closely a few days ago, you may remember hearing my sobs of relief as we said goodbye to summer. Not that I don't like summer. I love a good pair of flip flops as much as the next girl. And I have known some great tank tops. In theory, summer is lovely--but this was a hot one! In fact, it was Australia's 5th hottest summer on record. And that, my dear friends, is sayin' something.

And as if on cue, March 1st dawned cloudy and cool. And there was much rejoicing. And on that day, 5000 Sydneysiders celebrated autumn by stripping naked on the steps of the Opera House for a photo shoot. The photographer, Spencer Tunick, is the guy that does the photos all over the world of lots of naked folks. It's art, y'all. Do I sound like a Philistine, poking a little fun at this? I know, I know--I'm sure it's about all of us embracing ourselves as we truly are, dropping our false selves and facades. The shock of nakedness becoming common as it's swallowed up in sheer numbers of people. I get that. But you know what? I don't really need to see your rear end to accept you as a fellow human. You and I? We're cool.

I saw a clip on the news about it and Tunick was saying that the structure of the Opera House reminded him of three huge whales swimming toward all the people. And I guess all the naked people reminded him of, well, people who had just taken their clothes off. I'm not sure what message whales and nekkid folks is meant to communicate, but then, I am not very artistic. Ask anyone who knows me.

I'm not including pics in case you have a four year old reading over your shoulder or whatever, but you can click on the link above if you like. Here's what you'll see. A whole buncha butts. Pretty exciting stuff. If you like to look at lots and lots and lots of butts.

Have a great day. And if you get chilly, put on a sweater, okay?


  1. Those moons cracked me up...vertically.

    Grace looks like an Easter confection. Nate looks every bit the Aussie native that he is.

  2. I just hope they were using sunscreen responsibly.

    And we're now entering the part of the year where our weather can be kind of the same, only you're going one way and we're going the other. Like in that Benjamin Button movie.

  3. If you look at the photo not very closely (which I didn't), all you see is a white stripe - which turns out to be a bunch of suntanned people's white butts. Hm.

  4. I was going to do a post on autumn (of a very different kind) but as always, yours is much more fun to read:)

  5. Where in the world did all those people put their clothes????

    Your babies are gorgeous!
    Miss you!

  6. Hey, you were right. It is a whole bunch of butts.
    And a Mt. Rushmore of Darth Vader helmets to which they are paying homage.
    Ya, I know. I'm pretty artsy....fartsy. Ha. Cuz there's butts.

    ...walking away, my head hanging in shame...

  7. Awwww, Gracie looks like a delicate pink flower, and Nate looks like an outback dude! Recently, a friend sent us a picture that showed several hundred white sheep clustered in a bunch by a fence. I thought,"OK..." But then I realized I was looking at several hundred necked people on their knees and forearms, backsides up. I swear it was uncanny how unlike people they looked! Hope your days ahead are cool, sunny, and pleasant!

  8. Me, I decided to just look at your sweet lil ones... much, much better than a bunch of naked behinds.