Monday, May 18, 2009

I Really Pictured this being much more Dramatic

This evening, Jason was in our back courtyard with the kids, putting together his fancy schmancy new barbecue. I think he's in love. It is a massive thing--six burners and all kinds of special, barbecuey-type thingys. I kind of tuned out when he was going through all the details--I know that's bad, but there it is.

At one point, he came into the kitchen and said, "Remember how you wanted me to get you a picture the next time I saw a Red Back in the backyard?" "Woohoo!", I said, "Get right on it!" I was only thinking of you guys. You see, as the sage Bryan Adams once wrote, everything I do, I do it for you. There's no love like your love.

So, in the long, long-standing MDU tradition of showing you scary, native Aussie creepy crawlies, (look here and you REALLY should look here), ladies and gentlemen I give you the Red Back Spider.

Alright, alright just give me a minute! That white thingy is the propane tank for the barbecue. And the black thingy on the white thingy is a Red Back Spider. Y'all--I know the picture is not the best, but it was dark out and this was on my camera phone, and we were caught unawares! So let me show you a better picture of what you're actually seeing, k?

Ooooooo. So, the Red Back Spider is one of the most dangerous, venomous spiders in Australia. But don't fret--no one has actually died from a Red Back bite since the anti-venom was developed in 1956. The male's bite rarely requires medical attention, the female's is more serious, but she's slow and rarely leaves her web. (I am making no analogies here, guys. Just givin' the facts. That's what I'm all about, as you know.)

Jason's found several in our backyard, hiding away in nooks and crannies. Just thought I'd show ya! Sorry for the dodgy photo quality...I was hoping for some serious drama that would catapult my readership. Perhaps if Hugh Jackman showed up in our backyard? We'll see what we can do.


  1. OMG what if Hugh Jackman got bitten by a spider in your backyard and you had to take him into your home and nurse him back to health, only not in a creepy Misery way, but more like the English Patient where you fall in love, but not with the disfiguring injuries, or the war, but just you sitting by his bedside and giving him sips of cold water, and wiping his brow? And then blogging about it?

    That would be cool.

  2. Oh, I like Becky's story. Make sure you post pictures too.

  3. Becky's story is romantic, but I think it's also romantic that Jason actually left his beloved grill to tell you about a spider. What a guy!
    That is one sinister looking spider. cool.

  4. I gotta ask: does every square foot of Oz have a poisonous critter on it ?? That spider looks like our Black Widow except the red is on the opposite side. I am so excited that we will be there in a little more than a month and we can enjoy the benefits of Jason's new grill.

  5. Why didn't you put in a picture of the barbecue?

  6. The previous post about the return of the man bag AND the thousand bucks, and the nearly countless other examples that you and I both know I could list are evidence of the hovering grace of the Holy Spirit in your lives. You must know, also, that it is ONLY the restraining power of the Holy Spirit that keeps all those nasty Australian creepies from marching lock-step into your home and devouring my grandchildren.

  7. Beck, I nearly snorted tea out my nose I laughed so hard at your scenario. Love it! The only thing I would add is that Jason could BBQ nourishing cuts of meat for Hugh on his new grill.

    And all joking and dramatization aside, we really don't see too many creepy crawlies, and the ones we do see (lizards in abundance) you just get used to. The birds here are pretty fantastic--if I had a better camera, I'd show ya.

    And Sara--I agree, Jason is pretty stellar to tear himself away from his new toy. :)

    Dad--lol, well I think God did intervene that one time we had the big lizard in the house!

  8. Is there a chance at all that Hugh Jackman will be showing up in your backyard? Because if so, I'm on my way over (after I brush my teeth).