Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do Not Be Alarmed. Stay Calm.

In what may be a recurring theme here at MDU, I give you the Saint Andrew's Cross spider. Photo taken in his natural habitat next to our swimming pool:

Now don't worry, y'all. Jase says he's harmless, so we let him live. Am I not merciful? I went out there the other morning to get these pics, but it wasn't too life threatening. Well, I did nearly fall in the pool in my jammies. This burgeoning baby belly throws off a girl's center of gravity!

I actually think he's kind of pretty, don't you? Oh, and before I could get to the spider above, I had to duck under this at the gate. Built overnight, as we'd been out there the afternoon before.

I promise, living in Australia isn't all spiders all the time, but they do become a part of the landscape! But if that's freaked you out too much, I'll end with a picture of my Nate, who is definitely not a spider, though he has been known to bite.

There now, that's better.


  1. You know that if you keep on this spider thing, Dad will come down there and make y'all get in his car and come back.

    Just like when we were teenagers and he was ready for us to come home, and he would show up at our friend's house.

    But I am sure that Nate's cuteness is an antidote to spider venom!

  2. It *is* pretty.
    Here's what I learned about your spider when I was trying to identify the shiny brown spider in my bathroom: "These (St. Andrews) spiders get their name for the way they hold their eight legs in pairs to form an X shape. The X is called the St. Andrew's cross because it is believed that the saint was martyred on a cross of this shape rather than the conventional + shape."
    Doesn't that make them more likeable? Plus they're not deadly poisonous.

    Dang! Your family is radiantly beautiful! All of ya!

  3. Nate is so stinkin cute!!!!

    (no comment on the spider).

  4. I'm with Crystal! Nate's such a cutie!! :)

  5. That spider is all kinds of WICKED! In TX they've got bugs as big as . . .well, you know . . TEXAS. And now you've got Spiders that big in OZ. I think I'll stay put with my 3 degree wind chill today. Bugs don't live under these conditions. Except for these weird orange lady bugs I keep finding clinging to the inside of my windows. But ladybugs are not wicked. There cute. Except when they bite. Which these do.

  6. Wow, Sara! Thanks for the science lesson. I'm impressed. :) And I must admit I think my little boy is pretty stinkin' adorable, but it's nice to have you all say it!

    Jody, I've never heard of ladybugs that bite! Bizarre. I would take a little of your cold weather right now, but just a little.

    Beck, this is my plan. He's already emailed asking if we have poisonous sea creatures in our pool.

    Crystal--hi! Miss you.

  7. Re your snarking with Beck, y'all know that I can read, right? The fact is that there are more venomous creatures per square meter in Australia than anyplace on the planet...including the Congo and the Amazon put together. So, when I exercise my due-diligence as Patriarch of this family, you would do well to accept it with a proper amount of filial piety.

    On another, but related, note:

    Sara, it turns out that all four of my grandchildren are world-class gorgeous. If they weren't, I wouldn't love them less. It just happens that they are...you know, like being dealt a royal flush four times in a row. I'm just saying.