Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good times (mostly)

Oh, hi. Was I saying something?

Sorry for the delay. We've been a bit busy. There have been sightseeing and grandparents and reading books and gameplaying and now, stomach viruses.

Both Grace and I got sick at the same time last night, on the heels of Ava and Nate being sick last week. Poor Jason had to get up with her every time she got sick last night cause I was not up to the task of, like, walking and stuff. One of those nights where the fuzzy bath mat looks like a perfectly good place to lie down.

But tomorrow is a new day! I need to come back and tell y'all how my Dad made me cluck like a chicken in a public place. There are pictures.

Don't you just love family?


  1. Hope you get better (and all STAY better) over there. xx

  2. Amy, don't fall into his web of manipulation! Remember the Trivial Pursuit Incident of 1987? Icy pool? Shaming?

    Hope y'all are feeling better.

    And Happy Birthday to Ava!!!

  3. Oh no! Vomiting is bad. I just vomited last night, so I know from experience. These little kid bugs are the WORST! Get well! And don't forget to say hi to mom and dad from me.