Monday, November 8, 2010

21 (brief) things

1. My parents have come to visit!

2. Yay!

3. They came last Thursday, and they brought candy corn!!

4. It's the "Indian corn" variety. But as I told them, I hope my home is always a place where any ethnicity of candied corn would feel welcome.

5. Ava's ballet concert was this past Saturday.

6. If you were reading this time last year, you'll remember my travails with making the perfect bun.

7. This year? Nailed it!

8. The concert was 4 hours long.

9. The concert was 4 hours long.

10. Did I mention that it was 4 hours long?

11. It was.

12. Do you know how many more times I want to see 15 year olds dancing in silver hot pants?

13. None more times.

14. After Ava danced towards the end of the first half, we tiptoed out and went to dinner. We had a nice, leisurely time. Then we came back to the theatre and the concert was still going.

15. Going to dinner was a very, very wise decision.

16. I think we're going to take a break from ballet for awhile.

17. Today we went to a pretty riverside town called Brooklyn. After lunch we took Nate to play at a park near the water.

18. Nate was playing pirates. While we played, a man wandered by with a dog on a leash. The man was enraged about something or other, and kept yelling obscenities, to no one in particular. Lots of creative F-word usage.

19. I was a little concerned about what Nate would think. "Don't worry about him, Natey," I said. "He's angry, but he's going away." Nate looked at him and whispered to me, "He looks like a bad pirate."

20. He kind of did.

21. You know what I love? Being with my family, and picking up right where we left off.


  1. I know yall will have a wonderful time with your mom and dad there. I wish we could all be together in one giant reunion*sigh* wouldn't that be fun?
    I know what you mean about picking up where you left off. That is one great thing about family.
    Hugs to all

  2. Yeah, parents! Yeah, bun! Yeah, candy corn! Boo, hot pants!

  3. Glad you are enjoying the time with your lovely parents:) oh the hot silver pants, I have that to look forward to in a couple of weeks, ugh! Rebekah will not let go of her dance though, she wants to be a real ballerina when she grows up! :)

  4. Bad pirate!

    I am SO BUMMED that I am not there enjoying all the fun. My only comfort is that y'all surely aren't enjoying yourselves as much as you would be if I WERE there. Right???

    Your bun skills are beyond words. Hug the kids from me.

  5. I am trying not to be too jealous!
    Ava looks gorgeous! More pics, please!XO

  6. I wonder if the bad pirate had something like terets. Glad the parents got to come to Australia and everyone is doing good. Tell them we are holding down the fort at church but we miss them and will see them soon. Nice bun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jane Steeley

  7. 1. Yay!

    2. You sound so happy. :D :D

    3. Makes me happy to know you can spend some time with your parents.

    4. Yay for the candy corn and mad hairdressing skillz!!

    5. This list thing is fun, I can see why you like it. :P

    Have fun! :D xoxo

  8. I guess I should impart a few words of wisdom on the dance recital part.....You know you don't actually have to stay for the ENTIRE recital, EVER, right? That's misery on so many levels!! Just find out when she performs, and make sure you are there. Then just at the end for curtain call. I'm pretty sure you can ask the teacher / owner how long they think the recital will last since they will have had rehearsals, etc.

    Love ya!

  9. Bun-tastic! I really dislike doing this myself, as the only thing harder than getting fine, silky hair in a bun is getting fine, silky SHORT hair in a bun. No more dance for you, my daughter!

    *snort* hot pants.

    Yay to grandparents visiting. =)

  10. So sweet to have your parents there with you. I had to read the "bad" pirate instance to Stephen, just too cute.

  11. Your parents are SO good to bring you candy corn. Tell them hi from me.

    A FOUR hour ballet recital? That's absolutely horrible. Crazy. Nuts. Dinner WAS a good plan.