Friday, June 17, 2011


Ava has been rocking the side ponytail look lately. She's got it goin' on. I guess it's what all the 7-8 year olds are doing. Do you think the 34 year olds could do it too? Cause it just looks so cute on her!

Oh Lord, am I already becoming one of those moms who wanna dress like their daughters? THAT'S not sad.

But have I tried it, in the privacy of my own bathroom? Tilting my head in the mirror and swishing my hair back and forth? Maybe. The world may never know for sure.

Other things that simply can't be verified: if I imagine myself performing live the songs I listen to at the gym (the crowd goes wild, duh), or if I pretend to be talking on my phone to avoid those Dead Sea Scrub and mineral makeup people at the mall. Also, if I unintentionally walk in rhythm to the beat of songs played over the loudspeaker in stores. Sashay, sashay.

These are all pure conjecture.

Anyway: side ponytails. Should we all give them a go? Who's with me, guys?



  1. Cute pictures of the girls! Ava totally rocks the off center ponytail . But , I bet you could do it too.

  2. Totally in now and you could rock it with a nice headband too. A messy side pony tail makes it mommy worthy and hot : ) Go for it you wild momma.