Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keeping options open

For the first time this year, Ava and Nate seemed to take a real interest in the fact that it was our anniversary. I'm not sure why--we hadn't really made a big deal of it. But about 4-5 days prior, Ava started counting down, and they would both hide out and work on cards for us.

They asked what "anniversary" meant and why it's celebrated. We talked about how long we have been married, they asked how many years we had been married when they were each born--that kind of stuff.

Last Saturday, we were driving home from the park. From the back Nate called out, "Dad? Why did you marry Amy?" (I thought it was really funny that he chose in that instance to use my name--he never does that.)

"Well," Jason said, "I fell in love with her, and I thought she was the most wonderful woman I'd ever met. And she is!" (Nice one, babe! Plus 10 points.)

Silence from the back of the car. Nate thinks for a few seconds. Then he asks, "But who was your second choice?"

I'm really not sure how to take that one.


  1. Well, his second choice was a lonely life spent pining for you from afar!

  2. Cute! The use of your first name and the question sound like he's trying to put together the fact that you're an actual person, in addition to being his mom. Kind of like when a first grader sees his teacher in the grocery store.

  3. That's. Hilarious! Nate is a deep thinker, isn't he? What a question! I bet y'all burst out laughing cause I did just reading it. Love that boy! BTW, what did Jason answer?

  4. what a crack up, I'm still laughing!