Monday, February 7, 2011

A lady doesn't sweat, y'all. She glistens.

I sort of went off the grid the last few days. For a couple of reasons, really. One, it was our church's annual fast and I was trying to limit my internet time so that I could spend more time being all spiritual and stuff. (If you're into it, you can read a post I wrote awhile back about how and why we fast.)

But another reason is cause I've been a little fussy over the past week.




And not even cause of the fasting. This last week was hot. It was hot, I say. Scorchingly hot. Six days of record breaking heat. And as I (ahem) may have mentioned, um, several times last summer, we have no air conditioning in our house. So, when it's hot outside--it reached up to 42 degrees Celsius here at our house last week (that's 107degrees F) it's only a few degrees cooler in our house.

Luckily, the kids had started school, so they were in their air conditioned classrooms all week. We have a downstairs room that was a bit cooler and Grace could sleep there . And then, in the afternoons we spent a lot of time in our pool. By evening, it would cool down enough that we could sleep--mostly. With the windows open and fans roaring, I'd put wet washcloths on Ava and Nate. They were so tired from starting back at school that they were out pretty quickly. And I thought of all the places we could visit that had air conditioning.

Really, it was fine. We were okay. (Except I'm really just saying that so I don't sound like a big fat baby.)

Especially as we watched a Category 5 Cyclone bear down on Queensland, I thought, shut up Amy. And then I had to ask forgiveness for all the mean thoughts about the owners of our house. "What kind of people buy a big house and then don't put any aircon in? They're so cheap! They're selfish! Don't they care that we have young children??" What? Heat makes me petty. I also fussed at a friend who was staying with us for turning the oven on to heat up garlic bread.

Oh--and look! Here's a candle I had on a bookshelf. I walked by last night and noticed that it had begun to warp.

See how it's leaning? Look harder! It's not all in my head. But still, I was a little nuts. Jason spent most of the week trying to placate me--but from a distance as he wasn't allowed to touch me. Too hot!

Then yesterday afternoon, a cooler breeze started to blow. And miraculously--I don't use that word lightly--within an hour the temperature had dropped dramatically. I actually got chilled! You could almost feel the whole of Sydney sigh in relief. It's meant to be cloudy and cool all week.

Fasting helps you come to terms with your own humanity, your own limitations. And apparently, so does heat.


  1. 107! Are you kidding? I remember being there that New Year's Day when it was 106. And it was deadly. Have you considered the possibility that people just aren't supposed to be living there? Here in the states we are having record breaking snow, ice, and cold temps. I saw the pictures of Ava and Nate in their beds with wet cloths on. Their little heat wracked bodies. It made me hot just looking at them. I am thankful for your cooler break in the weather. I hope it lasts.

  2. being hot sure does make you extremely funny. =)

    yes, the candle leaning is totally not your imagination. it's wilting from the sheer stress of being in 107 degree heat.

    our home has a poor aircon/heat system. there is a separate one for the upstairs and for the downstairs, but one of them is always broken, so we are forced to either live entirely upstairs or entirely downstairs. that is, until that one breaks, and then we have to reverse. we live a good life, as you can tell.

  3. I grew up in Sydney. Went to school in Sydney. No air con in our classrooms. We used to will the thermometer to hit 100F because if it hit 100F they sent us home. lol

  4. Is your friend somewhere telling a story about how you almost killed her with a loaf of oven-toasted garlic bread? Because I want to hear more about that!

    That candle, crazy!

  5. I'm with you Amy, the heat turns me into a completely irrational baby & I hate how I scan the forecast searching desperately for a cool change

  6. Ames, I have to say that the freezing temps here are doing the same thing to me. I just said to Trevor, out of nowhere, in our dining room, as we're both playing on our computers, "Aggghh! It's freezing outside!!!!" and he's like, "but you're not outside" and I'm like, "but it's still bothering me!!!"

    I said all of those words in a super whiney voice. I relate to you, sister.

    Love, love, love from the wintery west.