Thursday, February 10, 2011

O, Freaky Tree, O Freaky Tree...

Well, after the sweltering weather last week, I'm happy to announce that this week has been cloudy and cool in Sydney.

I've even been able to go outside without wanting to punch the sun in the face!

Yay! This is progress indeed.

A couple days ago, Jason and I went with Grace to the Royal Botanic Gardens while Ava and Nate were at school. (Don't tell.) It's a beautiful series of gardens and green space, overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Opera House. We had a nice time wandering around. The last time we'd been there was with my mom and dad, when Grace was just 6 weeks old. She'd had her immunizations on that day, and was not enjoying life.

This time around, she loved running around and wasn't too interested in sitting in her stroller. (Which, by the way, none of our kids loved the stroller. Which is why I'm glad we spent $130 on one at Kmart and not $1100 for a schmancy one. For the record, I blame Jason's hyperactive DNA.)

She is a lovely companion, as long as you give her whatever she wants and play by her rules. Simple enough.

Oh, and y'all--check out this freaky looking tree!
The little placard said it's a Queensland Bottle Tree. Isn't it cool? Full of character. It looks to me like it should be one of the Ents in the Lord of the Rings novels. Like it could come alive at any moment and steal your lunch money. There was a bigger one in the park that was sprawled out--I swear it looked just like Jabba the Hut.

Please ignore Jason's hat. We've had a few discussions about it, and that is all I will say.
("It's bug-repellent!" he says. "It's wife-repellent!" I say.)

I do indeed hope that you are having a fine day.


  1. O freaky hat, o freaky hat... ?! I have to say my eyes were drawn to the hat first and tree second! I am not sure that is a positive thing, but hey, slip, slop, slap and all that.....! But as for Grace, she's exactly what it says on her top, but it sounds so much better when you say it!

  2. What a nice day......sometimes when we have just the youngest with us it is sorta cool to feel like you only have one child.
    wife repellent....hee-hee!

  3. I think the picture of Gracie running down the path is adorable! That tree is too strange, too. The Botanical Gardens are a beautiful place. I remember the flowers, trees, the harbor view, and those gigantic bats hanging in the trees by the thousands! Definitely worth the trip. Did Ava and Nate ever find out you went without them?

  4. Ah just wait. I swear I'm buying my youngest a T that reads: Out Of Control Ego

  5. Grace looks so much like you at that age! Makes me want to go back in time!

  6. whoa, someone should tell that tree to lay off the steroids.

    love that you went on a "secret" day trip. harv and i meet for lunch sometimes and we never tell cal. she feels left out and wants to know why she couldn't come. well, um, honey, there's this thing called school.

    p.s. thanks so much for your words of support on the cbs site. much, much appreciated.

    p.p.s glad to know you are not melting over there anymore.

  7. That freaky tree is just exactly what I would imagine would grow in Australia. We have a fabulous place in Pasadena called the Huntington Gardens, and they have a large Australian area, which is full of the freakiest stuff. All very primordial. Cool.