Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am full of logic.

Jason: (Patting spot on the couch next to him) Come sit with me.

Me: Sorry, babe... Um, I'm not really sitting on the couch right now?

Jason: You're not?

Me: No.

Jason: And why is that?

Me: Well, haven't you noticed it's gotten kind of dirty lately?

Jason: Well, it could use a good steam cleaning, that's for sure.

Me: Yeah. Grace is all over it, all day long, with God-knows-what on her hands and face. And now the couch grosses me out.

Jason: (enjoying this interchange) Does it?

Me: Yes, it does! Plus, I feel like it smells.

Jason: You feel like it smells.

Me: Yes.

Jason: So, it doesn't actually smell, but you feel like it does.

Me: Uh-huh.

Jason: And so now, you won't sit here.

Me: Yup.

Jason: That makes so much sense.


  1. It makes total sense to me!!! I am sometimes seized with the same feelings. But how do you clean that microsuede?

    You'll have to sit on the love seat together. Heh.

    That pic of Grace is ah-dorable.

  2. "Feeling" like something smells? I'm totally with you on that. Our couch is in the same shape. It appears to be exactly the same color as yours and it's also microfiber so it hides everything which is great... but also not so great. You really can't see the grossness, you have to feel it. We can call that discernment, right?

  3. Makes total sense to me, too.
    I love the way Jason sounds when he is trying to figure you out!

    I do love the pic of Grace. I transferred some precious pics of your kids from your Dad's phone to mine last night!
    Miss and love you!

  4. Maybe you're pregnant. Everything grosses me out when I'm pregnant..even couches. :)

  5. Go on, tell us you are preggers! 4 is such a good number! Tee hee.

  6. You GUYSSSS!!! *I'll* never tell.


  7. Amy,

    Don't make me learn of the impending arrival of a grandchild via your blog!

  8. Wait, Amy's pregnant?!!

    (Also, I always feel like Oscar's bunny smells and it really smells like nothing.)

  9. Um, yeah, I always "felt like" the clean glasses straight out of the dishwasher smelled dirty, when I was pregnant. ;-)

  10. I love how Jason handles things, so funny =). And I'll have you know, we bought our couch from this really nice family on Craigs List (uber clean house) and we not only paid to have it steam cleaned, I washed all six cushion covers too (in my front-loader washing machine, which is genius and can wash almost anything). Couches "must" smell good.